To Follow the Light

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To Follow the Light
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Missions
*Production number: SHEP-RP097
*Initiated: 120115
*Ended: 120115
*Year: 2387
*Forum Thread: To Follow the Light
*Previous Mission: To Catch a Thief
*Next Mission: Next >>
*SIM Concept: Mulgrave Dwi
*Historian: April Coswell

The Sheppard arrives at the location the Chenae station to find the Captain and her away team trying to escape from an artificial intelligence gone rogue


Location: 20,000 years in the future

Captain's log, Stardate 111215

--Interior of a shuttle appears, showing the Captain's face--

Everything is starting to come together, the seekers, the Chenae, the energy beings... I have had the time, while I have been here, to piece things together so to speak. The artifact we initially encountered all those months ago is in fact a Chenae ascension device, and from the looks of it the Seekers of the Light have gotten their hands on it and ascended. To what purpose is not clear but what I have done is learn a lot from the AI here about the Seekers of the Light.

Their entire belief system is based around a supernova that a "mysterious" prophet called Meklar managed to survive. He formed a splinter group and started preaching his Chenae book of Light, he gained a small following and apparently has turned to acts of terrorism in order to attempt to make the Chenae government formally adopt his religion. This is something the Chenae strongly oppose, as their core belief in what they call "the Way" is to follow an honourable path of your own making. However, as I have found in almost every culture I have encountered, there are always those that prefer to be led.

What they intend to do with the ascension device is unclear but what I do know is that it will somehow end up in the past and so will the Seekers of the Light. I have to do something to prevent this, people are getting hurt and whatever the intentions of the Seekers, it will not be good for the galaxy, not in this time or any other.


Approaching the sector where they hoped to find the Captain and her away team, the Sheppard and her crew encountered increasingly intense turbulence caused by solar flares from the local star. Although conventional scans of the area were inconclusive, metallurgical scans allowed the crew to pinpoint the Chenae station. As the ship got closer to the coordinates, the bridge received a hail from the station's caretaker T66 Artificial Intelligence, welcoming Sheppard back. However, the conversation soon took a darker turn - the AI, it seems, had been converted to the Seekers of the Light faith; it advised Commander Hamelin that its purpose had been to manoeuver the Sheppard into bringing the prophet Meklar- AKA the Priestass Lehana in the ship's brig - to this time and location. As the bridge crew realized that the Chenae station was sending wave after wave of energy into the local star, inching it closer to going supernova, the AI calmly informed the crew that it estimated that it would take approximately 100 years to convert the entire Midgar and neighboring sectors to the Seeker religion.

A sudden solar flar threw the Sheppard 30,000 km closer to the station, and although helm officer Oaksi eased the ship away to a safe distance, this did allow the crew to pick up a Starfleet shuttle in the vicinity of the station.

Unbeknownst to the Sheppard crew, the Captain and her team, realizing the T66 AI had gone rogue, had been busy implementing a means to escape. Having convinced the AI that the away team would be better off in its two shuttles, Captain Dwi ordered Lt. Commander Zapatero and Lt. Ravenheart to sneak down to the station's control room to "organize" a malfunction. Meanwhile, Lt. Ellison, aboard one of the shuttles, would keep the AI distracted with various queries designed to overload the station's computer. This allowed the Captain and Lt. Coronet, aboard the other shuttle, to contact the Sheppard and then carry out an emergency landing inside the ship's shuttlebay. Once back on the Sheppard's bridge, the Captain ordered Chief of Operations Coswell to find a way to get a transporter signal through the station's shields in order to retrieve the rest of the away team.

By this point, the Chenae station was emitting chronitons and creating another temporal anomaly to escape through as the star neared going supernova. With the rest of the away team safely back onboard, the Captain contemplated taking the Sheppard through the anomaly, but ended up ordering a reverse course at maximum warp to get the ship away from the solar explosion.