UFSI Report - The Rain Forest

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Reconnaissance Mission The Rainforest

Location of planet : The Rainforest (130,109,23) Class M Planet, 7.4 LY spinward from Pinastri

  1. Officers on mission
    1. Lt. JessicaClaudia Maynard
    2. Lt. Kazia Ravenheart
    3. Lt. (Jg) Calypso Titanium
    4. Ensign Tennant Hyx
    5. Valkorus Valkoinen
Nondescript human attire, Equipment: Phasers
Stardate: 101109

History of Contact

Standard search list and analysis, no special reason

Technological Profile

  • The buildings and monuments are made from hand-carved stone blocks, the precision with which they are laid and the complexity of the architecture reveals a understanding of mathematics and geometry. Several motorized boats were found in the local rivers, consistent with 20th century Earth designs. Several of the properties had forcefield emitters stationed around them. No transporters or weapons found. This seem to be a prewarp society.

Physiological/Medical Profile

standard human

Cultural/Historical Profile

  • High Priestess Selena Gateaux seem to be a person of importance to the planet, a ruler. Life signs were detected but species could not be determined as they were hidden.

Threat Assessment

As an example: While in the field Lt. Titanium just touched a plant that rendered her unconscious and had to be transported to sick bay to be examined by the EMH.

Strategic Objectives

  • IAD believes that there is a need to collect more information on the residents of the area and its visitors to get a better understanding of species and their culture.
  • Observation. Low level priority.

Tactical Considerations

  • Planetary surveillance

There are two regions Rainforest and Tzopelic Chantli, with lushly landscaped walkways for exploring and extensive waterways for sailing. Information on land rental was available as their population is small and closely situated with one another, the buildings surveyed have an Aztec appearance or filled with gardens and forests in nature. The people seem to be private and peaceful, no weapons or combat is allowed in the residential area. Large stone buildings rise into the air. The largest of these, a pyramid-like structure was covered in intricate carvings. Exploring the top of the structure one of the rooms had a large carving of a decapitated woman. Outside, surrounded by four glowing torches, was a stone altar with a sword embedded in its surface and pools of blood. Scans revealed the blood to be fairly recent, but there was no corpse to be seen. Explorations in the west revealed mostly empty homes, though several showed signs of being recently inhabited. On one of the northern islands a horned creature resembling the unicorns of Earth legend was observed. An entrance into a cave complex was found, the cave housed a small lounge and a control panel was discovered. Access to the control panel was not allowed, the computer required the proper access codes to decrypt its commands.

Vessel Database


Intelligence Reports

  • Shortly after the away team arrived back on board the Intel shuttle an unknown vessel was detected. A full diagnostic of ship systems was done to check for sabotage. The security logs showed that two lifeforms had beamed aboard the ship. The systems diagnostics also revealed that several of the plasma injectors connected to the warp core had been tampered with, the damage was not severe enough to effect the ship and the away team returned safely.