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“Memory is deceptive because it is colored by today's events." - Albert Einstein
UFS Events Management
General Data
*Fleet Affiliation: UF Starfleet
*Founded: 2385
*Status: Active
*Location: Pinastri Sector
*Homebase: UFS Communications
Division Staff
*Division Head: Evelyn Rieko
*Vice Division Head: Vacant
*Yeoman: Vacant
Division Structure


Events management is responsible for planning, development, and the supervision of a multitude of social and recreational events for the group fleetwide, in addition to charity fundraising and working with members on a volunteering basis.


These includes but not limited to:

  • Relay For Life
  • Admirals Banquet
  • Diplomatic Events
  • Career Fairs
  • Non RP gatherings

Division Staff

UFS Diplomatic Corps
Director - Events Management R-o6.png Evelyn Rieko
Deputy Director - Events Management R-blank.png Vacant
Events Manager, Pinastri R-a2.png Zania Turner
Events Manager, Astraios R-o6.png Kem Vala
Captain - Relay For Life R-o7.png Lizzy Gracemount