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{{Division Infobox
{{Division Infobox
  |logo          = [[Image:JC Staff.png|350px]]
  |logo          = [[Image:JC Staff.png|350px]]

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JC Staff.png
Chief of Staff
General Data
*Branch: Command
*Founded: 2384
*Status: Active
*Homebase: Starfleet Command
Division Staff
*Division Head: Cheryl Skinstad
*Vice Division Head: Luke Spiritweaver
*Chief of Staff: Vacant
Division Structure
*Office of Personnel


UF Starfleet Chief of Staff is the fourth in Command of UFS and is responsible for overseeing all Administrative duties for both Ships of the Line and membership related aspects of UF Starfleet.

They have the most oversight of the UF Starfleet Database and needs of the individual member.

The UF Starfleet Chief of Staff is also responsible for overseeing and maintaining the Ships of the Line Registry.


  • Manage all Administrative functions of UFS including
  • Collection and Analysis of Chapter and Sector Monthly Status Reports (MSRs)
  • Overseeing and maintaining the Ships of the Line Registry
  • Responsible for maintaining an efficient flow of information between chapters, sectors and fleet

Division Staff

Office of the UF Starfleet Chief of Staff
UF Starfleet Chief of Staff R-a2.png Cheryl Skinstad
UF Starfleet Vice Chief of Staff T-o6.png Luke Spiritweaver
Director UF Starfleet Personnel T-o7.png Data Axel
Director Promotions & Awards R-a1.png Kermie Mistwallow
Advanced Starship Design Bureau Y-o5.png Moonprince Rhode
Office of Fleet Operations T-o7.png Data Axel
Office of Shakedown Operations Y-o3.png Mironat Resident
Office of Recruitment & Retention R-blank.png Vacant

Staff Archive

UF Starfleet Chief of Staff