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The official UF Starfleet Titler is designed to reduce SIM lag by taking commands on channel 11 by default.

Adjusting The Position Of Your Titler

If your Titler does line up with the center of your Avatar properly, set your Viewer to show invisible prims by hitting CTRL-ALT-T. Then edit the bar running horizontally through your Avatar by right clicking it and selecting EDIT from the pie menu.

Titler Commands

Setting a Title

/11 title <color name> <title text> (use \n for new lines)
Example: /11 title blue Lieutenant | Sciences \n Head of Astrometrics | USS Stovepipe will produce the following blue colored title:

    Lieutenant | Sciences
    Head of Astrometrics | USS Stovepipe


/11 title on will make the Titler visible.
/11 title off will make the Titler invisible.


/11 title opacity 0-100<br\> Example: /11 title opacity 50 will make your Titler 50% transparent.

Listen Channel

/11 title channel 1-999 - Default = 11<br\> Example: /11 title channel 1 will make your Titler listen on channel 1. All future commands must be preceded by /1.


/11 title color <color name><br\> Example: /11 title color green will make your Titler turn green in color.
Available colors are: white, black, gray, lightgray, red, green, blue, yellow, orange, pink, cyan

Creating Gestures

You can create a gesture to automate creating common titles that you use.
To create a gesture you must do the following:

  1. Right-click your Avatar and choose Gestures from the pie menu
  2. Click the NEW button at the bottom left of the dialog
  3. Fill in the DESCRIPTION field Example: UF Starfleet Title
  4. Fill in the TRIGGER field Example: /title
  5. Fill in the REPLACE WITH field with the proper command Example: /11 title blue Lieutenant | Sciences
    Remember to press the ENTER key after you type in this field so it saves!
  6. Set a Shortcut Key using the drop down selectors
  7. Remove the default gesture steps
    Important Note: By default SL puts some commands in the STEPS field of the gestures dialog. It is important to click on each line in the STEPS field and then click the REMOVE button. Repeat this step until the STEPS field is empty.
  8. Click the ACTIVE check box to activate your Gesture
  9. Click the Save button to save your Gesture
  10. Rename the gesture in your inventory.
    Important Note: when you create a new gesture it is placed in your inventory in the GESTURES system folder. By default it is called 'NEW GESTURE'.
    To rename it, Right-click the item in your inventory and select RENAME. Give your new gesture a name that you will recognize.