USS Redeemer - Destroyed

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Ship Name: USS Redeemer
Registry No: NCC-100753
Commission Date: SD 57013
Ship Class: Sovereign
Shipyard: Cascadia Shipyards
Length: 685 meters
Beam: 250 meters
Height: 88 meters
Decks: 24 (original configuration), 29 (refit)
Maximum Cruising Speed: Warp 9.985
Defenses: Deflector shields

Disposition<br\> The USS Redeemer was destroyed in battle on stardate 59810. It was involved in a large scale battle against the Terran Empire forces while trying to rescue its captain, Lt. (Jg) Chase Quinnell.

The Redeemer's aft section was torn off from the hull and exploded. A number of chunks broke off from the saucer section and the Redeemer was all but defenseless. The order to abandon ship was given and the crew made its way to the escape pods. They were taken home by the USS Freemont as the Redeemer exploded in a violent display of combustion.