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General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Missions
*Production number: SHEP-RP075
*Initiated: 110731
*Ended: 110731
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: Untouchable
*Previous Mission: Homecoming (Sheppard)
*Next Mission: Next >>
*SIM Concept: April Coswell
*Historian: April Coswell

Shore leave proves less than restful when a malfunction causes Executive Officer Kaelin Odriscoll to be trapped in Cascadia's holodeck in gangster-infested 1920's Chicago.


Location: Cascadia Station

Captain's log, Stardate 110731

We've only been back home for one week and as if dealing with the Sheppard's repair and refit weren't enough, problems have also come up with shore leave. LtCmdr Odriscoll had told us that he was going to get some holodeck time in on Cascadia, more specifically a program set in Chicago, 1927. Unfortunately, once he was in there a crewman who was doing some maintenance blew out some of the holodeck's hardware, including the safeties, and now we're without news from our XO. Cascadia hasnt been able to scan into the holodeck. The best we can do is try to beam directly into the simulation and find him - but if he's in 1920s Chicago and we can't pinpoint him with scanners, we'll have to look building by building and it won't be easy.

Cascadia Security offered to go in and find him, but I told them we'd take care of it, he is ours after all and we look out for each other. I've been reading up on 1920s Chicago and if the safeties are off in that holodeck then Cmdr Odriscoll is in danger down there.

Luckily he told Cmdr Coswell before he beamed down to Cascadia that he was going to meet a holo-character named Johnny Saliti to strike up a bootlegging deal, whatever that is. It gives us a place to start, if we can find this Saliti, maybe we can find our missing officer.

Computer, end log.


In the holodeck, it eventually dawned on Lt. Commander Odriscoll that something was wrong - he wasn't able to stop the Chicago program anymore, and the safety procedures had failed - just as he had been captured by mobsters intent on questioning him. Playing for time, he came up with a story about his boss "Mul" from Los Angeles, who wanted to find partners in Chicago.

Meanwhile, a small team led by Lt. Commander Coswell and dressed in era-appropriate clothing beamed directly into the simulation and began looking for informaiton on the whereabouts of their lost comrade. While Lt. Commander Merlin and Lt. Ohtobide investigated a casino where they were told they might find "Johnny", Commander Coswell, Lieutenant Fiertze and Nurse Setsuko made their way to a church where the Nurse struck up a conversation with two mobsters who were just leaving in an automobile. This yielded another tip - the undercover Starfleet officers were told to look for "Johnny" in a warehouse.

Outside, civilian advisor Lady Byrna worked with Cascadia Ops to find a way to shut down the holodeck. She concluded that the best option would be to use the backup systems inside the holodeck. She and Marine Master Sergeant Chris Rhode donned 1920's-era clothing and entered the simulation, where they eventually encountered Commander Coswell, Lieutenant Fiertze and Nurse Setsuko just as they were about to enter the warehouse.

Once upstairs, the group found themselves in a bar - and in a confrontation with mobsters. After some parlay, they did get to speak to the mobster boss. While Commander Coswell negotiated the release of Commander Odriscoll in exchange for a shipment of illegal gin in Detroit, Lady Byrna located the access panel behind a bar and rigged her tricoder to depolarize the emitter array, which would allow her to shut down the holodeck safely - which she did once Commander Odriscoll had been safely recovered.


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