Upending the Dagger, Revealing the Conspiracy

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The following is a collection of logs that have been intercepted whilst being sent to the Mirror Universe and forwarded to Starfleet Command. Logs will continue to be sent as they are decrypted. Yet again until Jadia is recovered the EJH will remain active and respond to any and all inquiries.

EJH Jadia (Hologram) Out...

((Only those involved in this should be posting, this means that all logs posted will be of those who have a mirror alternate, a specific team has been formed for this and thus they will post here))

Walks in slamming his PADD down on the desk

“Computer begin log, authorization Tyrellium, Markus Lt. Cmdr of the Empire”

Acknowledged, begin recording when ready

“ Mission log 100824.0521, Lt. Cmdr Markus Tyrellium of the Empire reporting”

“I continue to be amazed at how much their Cmdr. Triellis is able to handle in the past month of beating, after beating, mind probes and not to mention the mind melds that I have been having with her. It was entertaining to see her face when she first saw me upon her arrival. It is actually enjoyable to watch her suffer so.”

Smiles like a mad man, then continues

“If it were not for our own Jadia, wanting this thing here as a prize, a toy, slave whatever she wishes to call her new pet, I would have already mind melded with her to the point her brain would have liquefied and slid out of every orifice it could slide out of in her head. I take no pleasure in being with this thing. It has been fun watching her suffer however, the good Dr. injecting her with poisons watching her get to the brink of being dead, then given the antidote just to cure her long enough to extrapolate any information from her. “

“ According to our Jadia , she has sabotaged the USS Shogun, which should put a damper in their crew and in their faith of their own members. Even if the sabotage did not go as planned, it still causes doubt and lowers morale on the ship and within the UFS. Speaking of UFS, from what I read in our Jadia's Reports they are weak, they actually care for each other how pathetic they waste time with tears and emotion with such trivial things.

“Taking over this place or destroying it as one lump sum should be fairly easy, however I should not underestimate that the more these weaklings are harmed the tighter their bond is. Perhaps we should break that bond, or find a way to do so. Nothing would please me more than to get the opportunity to get to Pinastri and cause as much terror as possible. “

Smiles even harder as the thoughts flow in his mind on several ideas

“ I have several ideas in mind actually, that would bring UFS to its knees, but hitting him at the very core of their existence, their heart, their soul. I will have to speak with the others when they arrive, this should be most interesting.”

“ I think I will go back and pay a visit to our guest and make sure she is uncomfortable, we cannot have our guest being comfortable, what kind of place would one think we are running. Who said human pain and suffering is not a spectators sport!?

Breaks out in a deep evil laugh that can almost be heard on all parts of the ship

“Long live the Empire!!!”

“ Computer end log”

Acknowledged, Report log ended

Markus stands up and begins to exit the room, and just before exiting he picks up what appears to look like a club adorned with razor spikes on the edges, he laughs as he looks at the club and exits the room

(( The mirror Markus Tyrellium is NOT on UFS (Pinastri) soil, ship or station))

Sits on the bridge and looks over the reports, looking out the view screen he smirks thinking of the prisoner below deck. he taps away at his padd as the other bridge personnel go about their business

"Computer begin log, Mistwallow Gamma Nine Five Alpha"

Computer makes a beep that acknowledges order

Captain Mistwallow of the Empire reporting

These past few weeks have been interesting to say the least. To observe the torture methods of the doc has been pleasant, it does bring a smile to ones face seeing the discomfort of one so weak, yet so strong willed. I know the doc is having fun which brings me joy, there is nothing greater than a man taking pride in his work.

It seems our own Jadia has had a successful mission in the other Universe, she infiltrated well and brought back some very useful information, information that we can use to our advantage. The crew is looking over the finer details of our next phase, and everything is going according to plan.

It seems that the Starfleet Jadia is weak in the sense of friendship, one knows to keep their enemies close but friends are always kept at an arms length, this pathetic human seems to keep her friends close, that was her first mistake, one that we can use against her.

The doc is trying something new now and it excites me to know that he is inflicting pain on our prisoner, i think i may start a betting pool to see if he can break his record, i don't think he will, but with the treat of death over his head he will have to be careful.......careful with a Starfleet scum, seems pitiful but orders are orders i suppose.

Soon the Federation will fall and the Empire will rule the galaxy, only the strong will survive.

Long Live the Empire!!

  • mirror kermie is only in the mirror universe and has not now or ever stepped foot on UFS soil this is purley for back story purposes*

The doctor watches a recording of his latest "treatments" on the misfortunate Commander Treillis, a smile on his lips as he delights in his ministrations, and makes notes on a PADD of her reactions, her tolerances and how he can break her fully.

"Computer, commence recording"

  • acknowledged

The Empire has granted me a superior challenge for my skills and talents. This starfleet fool. Whilst strong and having so far impressed me in not breaking, she is close. I have taken to alternately injecting her with poisons, bringing her to the point of death and then reviving her. I have given her hope, then shattered it. I have placed an electro-stimulator in her body, that randomly shocks her. Not enough to kill her, but enough to put her body through enough to deny her rest. And this *holds a vial of green liquid this is my greatest invention yet! An injection that inspires hope but in doing so poisons her system, creates pain centres. The more she hopes, the more her body will be in pain. and furthermore, it is addictive. My hope is that it will alter her autonomic responses and mean that folllowing withdrawal of the drug she will be chasing this pain and hope sensations.

This is, perhaps the greatest challenge and greatest stimulation I have had in some time. And now that the Empire has granted funding to my Eugenics Programme, I fully intend in using this strong woman as part of the breeding stock programme, to be a carrier for the new generation of slaves I have been granted permission to create! I have no doubt that this is a fine way to use this specimen...

  • PADD beeps

Ah, excellent, it's time for her medication again....

Long live the Empire!

End recording

((Note the mirror version of Valerius Swansong is NOT on Pinastri or in UFS Space))

Stardate 100824

Personal log of Lt.Cmdr Fargus Skytower, Empire Medical Corps.

So far so good, it seems. Even though it quite pains me to do this to the prisoner Triellis, I have to conduct certain experiments and provide basic medical care to the patient during torture sessions. Even though I understand, that we are doing it for the right course, after all, only WE are the right course, nobody else is... It is still not quite right.

Anyways, I had to keep her on hard narcotics to prevent respiratory and cardiac dysfunctions. Otherwise, she wouldn't have survived the beating, that she got from our officers. Also certain osteoregeneration and number of reconstractive surgeries had to take place in order to preserve life. Anyway, she has to survive for present time. Luckily, I don't have to think about the future - how will she get off these drugs and aftereffects of my ministrations. Hell, do I even need to care about it?

On the other hand, I have to notice sort of amusement, that I have, watching Swansong's so-called medications' effects on prisoner. This includes both standalone effects, or ones, produced in coupling with drugs, administered by me. Sometimes it creates quite funny and peculiar effects. Notable example would be laughing from inflicted pain, erotic deliriums and others. Might be well-worth writing an article about this...

((note, that mirror Fargus is, as all others, nowhere near Pinastri etc :) Just like previous authors))

Personal Log, Stardate 100824.0525

Commodore Jadia Triellis of the Mirror Universe

[me=Jadia Triellis]smiles happily finally settling back to relax[/me]

Oh it's so good to be back, back among those who are like me rather than those weak Federation Lackey's. I..I cannot let them know this crew I am with now of at times the confusion that swept through me. That would be viewed as weakness and of course in the Mirror Universe if you even begin to show that you quickly find yourself assassinated. So far we've been quite fortunate. I was able to sabotage the Shogun and perhaps, just perhaps it will destroy the ship! One can only hope....If it did and if it would, morale would be low, would be blown. However...if I did not, such is life and that cannot be changed.

[me=Jadia Triellis]presses a button encrypting parts of the above with an unbreakable matrix as it would not due to send some parts of this home in her report[/me]

Anyways, as I was saying even if the ship was not destroyed they must now undoubtedly know that we have their Commander Triellis as a 'guest' aboard our ship. Truly I am surprised that she has still survived these 25 days. They have been quite rough on her...my pet, my prize, my trophy. Whereas before there was defiance, or at least more of it, now there appears to be more fear, yet she still has that defiance. Just last night in fact she tried to escape....but that was not successful of course as the doctor was experimenting on some concoction or another. All I know is I'm glad to have Dr's Swansong, Skytower, and John on our team, they really can be quite brutal at times....which of course is why they're on this team it's what we needed.

[me=Jadia Triellis]smirks slightly[/me]

My counterpart is weak in so many ways. Though Captain Mistwallow continually hurts her it's almost like every time he enters the room she hopes he will help, that he will get her out of there. Perhaps...perhaps I should have my team do a little dressup in these Federation Uniforms, play with her mind some more. Perhaps then she will talk if they are helping her escape....It does bear some thought. I want her to break and I want her to know she's been broken. It will make it all the more delicious when I bring her back with me.

[me=Jadia Triellis]looks to watch the video feed, showing her duplicate in her cell and quite uncomfortable. [/me]

Whatever that drug is, it's working and she appears to have some more fresh wounds. Honestly I doubt she will hold out much longer, she can't her body and her mind will be screaming at her. Our great moment has come. We will be going home soon in fact in four days, I have lots to prepare in terms of my prize, it's time to force her to break no matter the price...perhaps I should allow my team to pretend to apprehend me...and then try to free her...a little shuttle ride is worth it, yes?

Long Live the Empire!

Computer, End Log and Save

((Mirror Jadia was on UFS soil for approximately 22 days, however now she is not, nor will she be seen on Pinastri Soil as she is aboard a merchant ship looking to return home))

sitting in her Office looking through the window observing this Jadia lying there connected to several monitors and fixed to the bed. Her eyes are opend wide looking to the flashy light on the ceiling.

Computer start Log - Dr. med. Bareil, Empire Medical Corps

Weakness. It's one of the bad attributes from our counterparts. Weakness when it comes to facts regarding their closest friends and family members. They would do everything for them. We have created fake transmissions showing how her friends and family are tortured almost till death... Of course that's just a fake but who should tell her? *laughs* But this Starfleet Jadia is stronger than we thought first. It seems this transmissions are not showing any reactions on her. Is she really that strong?? I doubt it...... She is still not talking. But we have our methods to make her talk. She hasn't slept since 72 hours. It is funny to see how odd this humans act when they are tired. Dr. Swansong and Dr. Skytower have done great work. We used drugs which are painful when used without a reason.

Pseudo addiction is a term which has been used to describe patient behaviors that may occur when pain is undertreated. Patients with unrelieved pain may become focused on obtaining medications, may "clock watch," and may otherwise seem inappropriately "drug seeking." Even such behaviors as illicit drug use and deception can occur in the patient's efforts to obtain relief. Pseudoaddiction can be distinguished from true addiction in that the behaviors resolve when pain is effectively treated.

During drug use, the corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF) activates the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA) and other stress systems in the extended amygdala. This activation influences the dysregulated emotional state associated with drug addiction.

Of course we have not relieved her from this Pain. Not till we have the information we want to have.

laughing as she sees how Jadia is coiling up because of the pain, she stands up looking on the monitor connected to her. It makes her feel good to see how much Jadia is suffering. She thinks.......I am wondering how much more pain you can withstand........

I asked her if she is sure that she don't want to talk to us.....She was just looking at me don't saying a word. As you wish I said with an evil smile in my face turning around.... I am curious how this new method Dr. Swansong found will work.

returning to her office noticing her padd............ ahh... Captain Mistwallow wants to talk to me........

looking a last time on the "Patient" before she makes her way to the bridge

...... end and save log after 15 minutes inactivity

((Note that Mirror Piper John is NOT on Pinastri or in UFS Space))

Computer Begin Log

FLT CAPT Ulrich Bechir, Empire Fleet Command, ISS Tachi

I continue onwards on this miserable scow in this carebear universe. These people make my stomach turn. It is remarkable that they have survived this long, they are weak...

I know that Commodore Triellis did attempt the sabotage of USS Shogun in this universe, and failed. I also know she knows the price of failure. She will have to watch her back for the next while, lest someone makes her pay directly.

I am not sure if you can even partially classify this morass as a success. Time will tell. I for one, am not overly impressed. If not for my own vested interest in the Commodore and lack of desire for her desk job, I might use the opportunity to advance myself. I do hate failure.

All Hail the Empire.

Computer End Log

CMDR SVAndrei Baxton, Imperial Engineering

I am looking in amusement at Medical's attempts to use their petty drugs and other methods to get information out of the other universe's Jadia Triellis. Their efforts make me laugh. How long would they toy with their little hyposprays, and chemicals, until they realise it's not the right way to extract information? Honestly, some of them are pretty high ranking people. With mentlity like that, i wonder how the hell did they get up there...

Luckily for them, and for me too, my Department has been working on a new agony booth design that is sure to have that birdie sing in under 4 hours. This version is so terrific it makes my hair stand on edge. Not only it stimulates the pain receptacles of the body, but using alpha waves, it induces the subject's brain very vivid imagery of whatever the operator desires... Seeing their loved ones killed, their childhood memories destroyed... Whatever they hold dear can be recreated, and worked with as we see fit. So far all tests have been successful. Not one prisoner failed to talk, even of there was.. irreparable brain damage to some... but really, the point is that it works.

After those doctors are done playing with Jadia, i'll submit a request to again try out the new agony booth. I'm sure it will be both effective, and a delight to watch.

Long live the Empire!

Computer, end log.

((Please note that Mirror Baxton is not on Pinastri or UFS space. This is purely for back story purpose))

ersonal Log, Stardate 100825.1000

Commodore Jadia Triellis of the Mirror Universe

[me=Jadia Triellis]sits back with a frustrated grumble.[/me]

I thought all would be alright, but it seems that Mr. Bechir is annoyed. I can tell both by the furtive glance and the manner with which he holds himself. He thinks I do not know, perhaps he thinks he can hide it? But of course he cannot. With all that has gone on over here, and the fact that my primary attempts failed to take out the Shogun, it's only my hope that the secondary plan will work...however I will not state that here. I will be watching the Fleet Captain very closely. Unlike this universe where all are kind, caring, supporting, in my Universe it's quite cut throat, thus I must always watch my back...perhaps I should make an example of the Fleet Captain? That remains to be seen, either way I will be watching him closely...and of course I can spin what has happened here to my advantage, I must succeed, I will... If I do not...

[me=Jadia Triellis]smiles darkly again looking into the security camera as she redirects her focus.[/me]

Really my team is quite impressive, they...keep coming up with new ways to try and garner more information from this universes' Commander Triellis, perhaps that can be of use whilst we are here, like fleet positions and other necessities that could aide us in our escape. She's not yet broken, but I cannot help but admire her resolve in a way, yet she's getting weaker and soon she will... We're currently hiding out and masking our trail...that should be enough yet I can never be to cautious...another failure is not an option.

Long Live the Empire!

Computer, End Log.

((Mirror Jadia was on UFS soil for approximately 22 days, however now she is not, nor will she be seen on Pinastri Soil as she is aboard a merchant ship looking to return home to the Mirror Universe))

  • comes from the engineering section, where with a smile on his face he has been watching CMDR Baxton put the finishing touches to the newest generation of agony booth.

Personal Log: Stardate 100825.1227

Doctor Valerius Swansong, Empire Medical Corps

The more things change, the more they stay the same. From Dr Skytower fretting over the prisoner, and healing here where appropriate with what is, I feel an un-necessarily "humane" sense, to CMDR Baxton's newest toy, I feel we are getting closer to breaking her. Dr Bareil's own brand of expertise is fantastic, I cannot deny that as much as I am tempted to take her position as Surgeon General of the Empire Medical Corps, I am more contented in my role as it is. This way I can conduct my researches, develop my interests and more importantly develop the projects I wish to create to ensure our supremacy!

The petty politics of the Empire are frankly beneath my superior intellect and abilities.

We are, I think, close to breaking her, and the next round of my experiments on her are due to commence today.

Long Live the Empire!

Computer, cease recording

((Note the mirror version of Valerius Swansong is NOT on Pinastri or in UFS Space))

Standing silently and without moving, Markus looks out a view port into deep space. He reaches down and activates his PADD for his report

“Computer begin log, authorization Tyrellium, Markus Lt. Cmdr of the Empire”

Acknowledged, begin recording when ready

“ Mission log 100826.0948, Lt. Cmdr Markus Tyrellium of the Empire reporting”

“It would seem that the fleet captain is a bit annoyed at the failure of Commodore Triellis, not being able to destroy the USS Shogun, however the terror she caused and their morale being lowered could work to our advantage, however logically it will only draw them closer. “

Leans against the port

“It would be illogical to assume that UFS is now looking for mirror agents currently , it would more than hard to blend in at this time. Had I been given the mission to take out the Shogun it may have been more successful, perhaps there is still a chance for this. It would be most interesting to get to Pinastri before the Shogun leaves space dock, remove their Markus and I take his place. In doing so I would be able to get access to the ship and do what I wish. “

Markus stops to think for a moment, and with that he carries a small grin

“Knowing that their Markus is Vulcan, he will not break no matter what we do to him. Their Vulcans are the same as we are the brain having many levels information could be stored in a place that would take them years to get to, he would be dead before the information is recovered. This would make my job easy, I would go there and eliminate their Markus and carry out my plan. Perhaps I will run this idea past the fleet captain to see what he says. “

Turns to hear the screams of Jadia inside her cell

“ Hearing her screams, cries and whimpers for the past month has almost driving me insane, I want to go in there and twist her head from her shoulders and kick her skull around while she is still able to see before her brain dies. I was even thinking perhaps after I remove her head, put it back on and make a puppet out of her.” “Last I heard Dr. Swansong wanted to use this thing as breeding stock to make his augmented beings from her. While it would be interesting to see, however there is a flaw in his idea that is not logical. Why would he want to use this weak thing? He will be breeding weak augments….. Unless he changes the genetic code that makes her weak. He may have something then.”

“Long live the Empire!!!”

“ Computer end log”

Acknowledged, Report log ended

((The mirror Markus Tyrellium is NOT on UFS (Pinastri) soil, ship or station. If he was you all would be picking the crew of the shogun up with a vacuum cleaner))

Entering her office with a smile on her face

Computer start Log - Dr. med. Bareil, Empire Medical Corps

The laboratory was a grim, dark sight, with the lights dimmed to a very minimum, the flashing of the consoles are the only other source of light to the room. At one end was a long metal examination table, modified by the ships science officer to hold some of the most violent species in the galaxy. Right now at it's mercy was Starfleet Commander Triellis, her hair matted to her forehead from constant sweating and her temples wired to machines with thick, green wires. She tried to control herself, to keep her calm, but she failed miserably and would, occasionally, let out a small whimper.

We could connect two more to her frontal lobe which would double the pain delivered to the subject. I punched in a few commands, turning to the Chief Engineer who was standing beside me. They are working on new agony booth and i am very curious about.

"How long do you think will it take us till we finally break her?" I asked him laughing not really awaiting an answer, before I attached two more green lines of wire to Jadias head, she's gasping and her back arching upwards. I was unaffected by this, instead monitoring the computer beside me.

Heart rate increasing, blood pressure rising…" I paused, turning to the "patient", "in a few minutes you will feel your blood pressure rise as if it were choking your skin. You will find it difficult to breath, your eyesight may become blurred and the airways restricted, i whispered next to her ear.

looking at this defensless, weak thing called "Starfleet Officer" makes me feel proud of the Empire

Thinking on Dr. Swansongs experiment he will conduct today... I feel that she soon will break and tell us what we want to know....

Long Live the Empire

Computer End Log

((Note that Mirror Piper John is NOT on Pinastri or in UFS Space))

Mission Images