Vaanduar vs UFS

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Vaanduar vs UFS
General Data
*Production number: 032
*Initiated: 080623
*Ended: 080624
*Year: 2383
*Previous Mission: Darkness into Light
*Next Mission: Dyrhill Shards
*SIM Concept: Chase Quinnell
*Historian: MilesPrower Dagger



Captain’s Log



The USS Redeemer responded to a distress call from Starfleet Sector001, Pinastri(Delta Quadrant). We arrived and detected Tueri ships with Vaanduar life-signs aboard. Borg Spheres were launched from the Tueri ships and began beaming Vaanduar Re-Animated drones to Pinastri's surface.

The Emily Lynn and the USS redeemer began to focus attacks on the Borg Spheres. We managed to destroy one really quickly, but the second somehow adapted and was harder to damage. The USS Redeemer was hit multiple times and at one point, an 8 meter hole was cut into the side of the hull.

Another few hits knocked both the Emily Lynn and the Redeemer adrift. Only our weapons still functioned, so we laid waste on the Sphere. I ordered the Redeemer's warp core to be ejected and tractored at the sphere, causing a massive anti-matter explosion.

The Redeemer found itself drifting towards the Tranquility station. The Tranquility hurriedly activated it's tractor beam and pulled the USS Emily Lynn and the USS Redeemer into docking ports.

  • Alien Ships played by Zed Drebin*

Mission Logs

[15:49] =A= Lexii Lane: Emily Lynn to Tranquility ops, USS Emily Lynn is reporting battle ready status 80%. All hands reporting. Lets show em that we are here to stay. =A=
[15:50] Lewisse Sak: There.
[15:50] =A= Mike Calhoun: why are you following me? =A=
[15:50] =A= DamionStJames Webb: Potential target downed=A=
[15:50] Chase Quinnell: USS Redeemer falling into formation with the Emily Lynn and the other ships.
[15:50] =A= DamionStJames Webb: Someone get into that darn welcome center=A=
[15:50] =A= DamionStJames Webb: Thats an order=A=
[15:50] =A= Zed Drebin: Ops to all stations, please review the following data -
[15:50] Chase Quinnell: Helm, put us into formation with the other ships.
[15:50] =A= Zed Drebin:
[15:51] Raine Seomun: Aye Captain.
[15:51] Lewisse Sak: All systems nominal Captain.
[15:51] =A= Zed Drebin: Granted=A=
[15:52] Chase Quinnell: All hands, red alert.
[15:52] Lewisse Sak: Shields up, bridge defensive systems online.
[15:52] =A= Taz Uriza: Admiral i advice you not to travel unguarded Sir=A=
[15:52] =A= Zed Drebin: Tranquility to Redeemer, Captain Quinnell, report=A=
[15:52] =A= Lexii Lane: Receiving Telemetry from Tranquility ops... Confirmed location of enemy fleet. =A=
[15:52] Lewisse Sak: Phasor and photon control at Tactical.
[15:53] Chase Quinnell: USS redeemer reporting, Captain. Sir?
[15:53] =A= DamionStJames Webb: The admiral is fine, 1 hostile eliminated=A=
[15:53] =A= Zed Drebin: Acknowledged, Emily Lynn... Full sensor sweep=A=
[15:53] =A= Zed Drebin: Coordiainte Sensors with the Emily Lynn widest possible spread=A=
[15:53] =A= Zed Drebin: Tranquility standing by=A=
[15:53] Chase Quinnell: Aye sir.
[15:53] =A= Laura88 Sands: Yes! sir=A=
[15:54] =A= DamionStJames Webb: St. James is taking command of the welcome center=A=
[15:54] Chase Quinnell: Lewisse, combine your efforts with the Emily Lynn's sensor sweeps.
[15:54] Chase Quinnell: Helm, full stop.
[15:54] Lewisse Sak: Aye Captain.
[15:54] =A= Tokeli Zabelin: Tranquility sickbay requesting additional personnel. If there's a fight, better hope no one gets hurt. =A=
[15:54] =A= DamionStJames Webb: Maintain vigilance. Three of you spread out, begin patrolling. Keep your eyes open=A=
[15:54] =A= Laura88 Sands: Will do
[15:55] Raine Seomun: aye, Captain.
[15:55] =A= Zed Drebin: commandant, Welcome
[15:55] =A= Austin Smythe: Smythe. I =A=
[15:55] Vinnie Lei: *sighs*...
[15:55] Chase Quinnell: Anything on sensors, Ops?
[15:55] =A= Chrystian Merlin: Mr. St. James, if you could spare someone, I'm all alone on the Tower Two roof... =A=
[15:55] =A= CYLONXD Slade: position? =A=
[15:55] Chase Quinnell chuckles, "Vinnie, you'll get your chance"
[15:55] Lewisse Sak: I have several ships sir. Scanning.
[15:55] =A= Taz Uriza: Reporting from tower roof 1=A=
[15:56] =A= DamionStJames Webb: Engage Mr Moore! =A=
[15:56] =A= DamionStJames Webb: Fire! =A=
[15:56] Chase Quinnell: Ops?
[15:56] =A= DamionStJames Webb: Attention all personnel, Engage Sinclair Moore. Engage Mr. Moore. He is KOS. =A=
[15:56] =A= Austin Smythe: this is Ensign Smythe. Due to random shooting, I have ben hit and I have been reset. Please take control of your weapons
[15:56] Lewisse Sak: A fleet of enemy ships sir. I'm trying to confirm a count.
[15:57] =A= DamionStJames Webb: Someone go up to the towards and aid the support there=A=
[15:57] =A= Lexii Lane: Initial scans are showing five... no make that six ships, within 2 lightyears, bearing 371 mark 29=A=
[15:57] =A= Laura88 Sands: Where is that sir? =A=
[15:57] Lewisse Sak: Confirmed Captain. Six enemy ships detected.
[15:57] Chase Quinnell: Acknowledged. Shall we intercept, Captain?
[15:57] =A= Zed Drebin: Acknowledged Captain Lane=A=
[15:57] Chase Quinnell: Thanks Ops.
[15:57] =A= Zed Drebin: Move to intercept=A=
[15:57] michaels Toshi: LT Toshi to all hands i want you all armed and ready to be boarded, i don't want to loose anymore people
[15:57] Chase Quinnell: Helm, intercept the fleet
[15:57] Chase Quinnell: full impulse
[15:57] =A= Lexii Lane: Sensors confirm that they match known Turei configurations=A=
[15:58] =A= CYLONXD Slade: single=A=
[15:58] Raine Seomun: Aye Captain, engaging full impulse.
[15:58] =A= Lexii Lane: Confirmed Tranquility, moving to intercept=A=
[15:58] Chase Quinnell: Redeemer to all ships, we're engaging the enemy. Emily Lynn has the lead position.
[15:58] Vinnie Lei: Arming phasers and photon torpedoes.
[15:58] =A= Zed Drebin: Acknowledged.... =A=
[15:58] =A= Zed Drebin: Sensors. What is there fire power? =A=
[15:58] =A= Arkaniad Exonar: Mr Moore jumped, keep eyes peeled. =A=
[15:58] Chase Quinnell: What kind of firepower do they have, Vinnie?
[15:59] Chase Quinnell: Tactical analysis.
[15:59] Vinnie Lei: I can't make a good estimate. Sensors are being confused, sir.
[15:59] =A= Lexii Lane: Lane to Quinnell, recommend your ship take lead point, we are only at 80% operational status on weapons. =A=
[15:59] =A= AlphaFox Constantine: Aye, he is KOS, he jumped from tranquility so watch out if he comes toward the WC again. =A=
[15:59] Chase Quinnell: Aye Captain. Moving to lead.
[15:59] Chase Quinnell: Our sensors can't get a confirmed reading on their tactical abilities, Captain Drebin.
[15:59] =A= DamionStJames Webb: Target down again. =A=
[15:59] Vinnie Lei: Captain, they're confusing our sensors on purpose. Visuals are recommended.
[15:59] =A= DamionStJames Webb: Cease fire=A=
[16:00] michaels Toshi: remember, Vinnie, they can appear from subspace so be prepared for something to jump out
[16:00] Chase Quinnell: Helm, take us to the forward position in the fleet. Let the Emily Lynn take our place back here.
[16:00] =A= Zed Drebin: Proceed with caution, Redeemer=A=
[16:00] Vinnie Lei: Understood.
[16:00] =A= Lexii Lane: Confirmed that, our sensors are having trouble penetrating their hull=A=
[16:00] =A= Zed Drebin: Tranquility standing by=A=
[16:00] Raine Seomun: Aye, Captain. Proceeding forward.
[16:01] =A= Lexii Lane: Entering weapons range in 2 minutes=A=
[16:01] Chase Quinnell: Steady...
[16:01] Chase Quinnell: Take us to 3/4th's impulse.
[16:01] Vinnie Lei: Captain, permission to use the experimental ballistic torpedoes (aka, they seem to miss the target, but on late moment lock on target and fire towards it).
[16:02] Chase Quinnell: Standby, Vinnie. *smiles*
[16:02] Vinnie Lei: Yessir.
[16:02] =A= Chrystian Merlin: there will be an all clear of sorts=A=
[16:02] Lewisse Sak: Captain, were being hailed sir.
[16:02] =A= Taz Uriza: I am hearing weapons fire near the welcome center, non standard configuration=A=
[16:02] =A= Chrystian Merlin: I'm afraid this isn't very interesting to you=A=
[16:02] Chase Quinnell: Onscreen
[16:02] =A= Lexii Lane: Tranquility... long range sensors are detecting another ship on a direct course to tranquility station. Configuration is Turei. They are at high warp. Bearing 171 Mark 21. Do we have anything available to intercept? =A=
[16:03] Lewisse Sak: Aye Captain.
[16:03] =A= Chrystian Merlin: the action right now is at the base of the other tower=A=
[16:03] Chase Quinnell: Redeemer here, We're being hailed.
[16:03] Lewisse Sak: Onscreen sir.
[16:03] =A= Zed Drebin: No other ships on station Captain Lane, you guys are on your own=A=
[16:03] =A= Zed Drebin: Open a channel, Redeemer patch it into Ops=A=
[16:03] michaels Toshi: great...
[16:04] michaels Toshi: at least we have 2 of the most experimental ships in the fleet
[16:04] =A= Data Axel: Any medical issues please report. =A=
[16:04] Chase Quinnell: One of them not even fully completed.
[16:04] =A= Chrystian Merlin: there was some shooting=A=
[16:04] =A= DamionStJames Webb: Be advised, Hostile contact is AV flying and has allies. He's circumvented the welcome center=A=
[16:04] michaels Toshi: so basically, we're either screwed or we've got them outmatched [16:04] =A= Gorden Parx: This is Cadet Parx, I have been injured, an enemy was in the Supply Deck, i came here to cheak on it and i was attack, i was hurt badly, i eliminated the emeny, i required assit............... =A=
[16:04] =A= Chrystian Merlin: all I know=A=
[16:04] =A= DamionStJames Webb: Engage Sinclair Moore - Fire at will=A=
[16:04] Chase Quinnell: Patch this comm thru to Ops.
[16:05] Chase Quinnell: Aye sir, patching it thru.
[16:05] =A= Austin Smythe: Ensign Merlin, that shooting is what probably hit me and made me reset. Please state the name of the shooter=A=
[16:05] =A=  ::ALIEN SHIPS:: Identify yourself! You are found to be in violation of Vaadwaur agreements... =A=
[16:05] =A= DamionStJames Webb: Admiral, I recommend closing down access=A= [16:05] Lewisse Sak: Transferring Captain.
[16:05] =A= Lexii Lane: At present course and speed the enemy vessel with make contact with Tranquility Station in less than six minutes=A=
[16:06] =A= DamionStJames Webb: You’ve failed to disarm, you're in violation of protocols=A=
[16:06] Chase Quinnell: This is captain Chase Quinnell of the federation vessel, USS Redeemer. What agreements do you refer to?
[16:06] =A= DamionStJames Webb: cease fire=A=
[16:06] Lewisse Sak: Confirmed Captain. 6 mimutes.
[16:06] =A= Mike Calhoun: *the admiral's shuttle has been shot down*=A=
[16:07] michaels Toshi looks shocked
[16:07] =A= Austin Smythe: admiral, are you in need of medical assistance? =A=
[16:07] =A= DamionStJames Webb: Grenade! =A=
[16:07] Chase Quinnell: The Admiral's... God darn.
[16:07] =A= Laura88 Sands: Any report on where the Admiral landed? =A=
[16:07] michaels Toshi: was he on it?
[16:07] Chase Quinnell slams his fist on the conn.
[16:07] =A= DamionStJames Webb: Grenade! =A=
[16:07] =A= Lonewolf Flagstaff: LT=A=
[16:07] =A=  ::ALIEN SHIPS:: Federation starship? =A=
[16:07] =A= Taz Uriza: Proceeding to the Shuttles last known location=A=
[16:07] =A= Arkaniad Exonar: Grr, someone in the WC call the lift=A=
[16:08] =A= Shae Roux: Dr. St. James is down=A=
[16:08] =A=  ::ALIEN SHIPS:: you continue the treachery of the Voyager? =A=
[16:08] =A= Arkaniad Exonar: im hit by a grenade, will be OK. =A=
[16:08] =A= Mike Calhoun: *the shuttle has crashed and is on fire*=A=
[16:08] =A= Taz Uriza: To all, The Admirals shuttle is located near the welcome centre, in the direction of the volcano=A=
[16:08] Chase Quinnell: Voyager? What did Voyager do to you? They were lost in this quadrant years ago.
[16:09] =A= Data Axel: Does Lt. St. James need medical assistance? =A=
[16:09] =A= Arkaniad Exonar: im at the Admiral's shuttle, need help opening the shuttle door=A=
[16:09] =A=  ::ALIEN SHIPS:: that scoundrel captain Janefey or something helped destroy our world! =A=
[16:10] =A= AlphaFox Constantine: Ark, what is your location?
[16:10] =A= Arkaniad Exonar: fox, helping the Admiral=A=
[16:10] Chase Quinnell: Admiral Janeway meant no harm to your species or your world.
[16:11] =A= Taz Uriza: Crewman Taz requesting immediate assistance at 247,128 The Admiral is secured but not responding
[16:11] =A= Laura88 Sands: Do you need a beam back, Austin? =A=
[16:11] =A= Data Axel: No, Cadet. =A=
[16:11] =A= Data Axel: And I am Lt. Data. =A=
[16:12] michaels Toshi: Alien Ships, stand down, voyager helped you be rid of the vaaduar once and for all, show some gratitude
[16:12] =A=:::ALIEN SHIPS:: she helped the spinless Teuri - you will pay for her transgressions=A=
[16:12] =A= Lexii Lane: Sensors have picked up...Vaadwaur lifeforms aboard those ships=A=
[16:12] =A=::ALIEN SHIPS:: Opens fire on the Redeemer=A=
[16:12] michaels Toshi: Vaadwuar, you betrayed them you do not get a claim on anything
[16:12] Lewisse Sak: Shields holding Captain.
[16:12] Chase Quinnell whispers to Michaels, "Good one."
[16:13] Vinnie Lei: Direct hit! Shields down to 88%. Damage on Decks 3-5, section C to F.
[16:13] michaels Toshi: Vaadwuar, you betrayed them you do not get a claim on anything
[16:13] michaels Toshi hisses at Chase
[16:13] Chase Quinnell: Return fire! Try to disable their systems!
[16:13] Vinnie Lei: Yessir. Opening fire.
[16:13] Lewisse Sak: Rerouting auxiliary power to shields.
[16:13] =A=::ALIEN SHIPS:: LIES! You aid the enemy! You shall all die! =A=
[16:14] Chase Quinnell: ::Redeemer returns fire. Aiming to disable::
[16:14] =A= Lexii Lane: Helm, evasive pattern delta six, full power to shields. Round about cheveron formation with Redeemer. =A=
[16:14] Chase Quinnell: Helm, attack pattern Delta 4.
[16:14] =A= Lexii Lane: Hold your fire. =A=
[16:14] Raine Seomun: Aye captain!
[16:14] Chase Quinnell: Try to deflect as much damage as possible.
[16:14] =A=::ALIEN SHIPS:: Takes a hit and comes about=A=
[16:14] michaels Toshi: Helm, Vaadwaur ships are much faster at impulse than us, i suggest that we try more to get our weapons aimed at them rather than out maneuver them
[16:14] =A= DamionStJames Webb: Disengage your fire on Sinclair=A=
[16:14] Lewisse Sak: Damage control is reporting decks 3-5 secured Captain. Forcefields up.
[16:14] Vinnie Lei: Sir, may I make an suggestion?
[16:15] Chase Quinnell: Go ahead Vinnie.
[16:15] =A= Lexii Lane: Lane to Quinnell... Chances are they have hijacked those ships somehow. They probably arent as efficient with them as the Teuri would be. =A=
[16:15] Vinnie Lei: Go to warp. get them behind us. Then we know where and how to hit.
[16:15] =A= Lexii Lane: Lock phasers on the lead ship, fire in 2 second bursts. We want to get their attention not start a war. =A=
[16:15] Chase Quinnell: Understood, Captain. We've sustained damage of decks 3-5. Emergency forcefields are up.
[16:15] Chase Quinnell: Aye Captain. Vinnie, you heard the lady.
[16:16] =A=::ALIEN SHIPS:: Borg Spheres Launch from the Teuri ships=A=
[16:16] Vinnie Lei: Yessir. Firing phasers
[16:16] michaels Toshi: WHATTT?
[16:16] Chase Quinnell: What the hell..!?
[16:16] Lewisse Sak: Captain! I'm detecting Borg spheres sir!
[16:16] =A= Lexii Lane: ... are our sensors malfunctioning Redeemer? Or do you see this as well? =A=
[16:16] Lewisse Sak: Confirmed Captain.
[16:17] michaels Toshi: tactical, aim for the spheres they pose larger risk
[16:17] Chase Quinnell: It's no malfunction.. they launched Borg Spheres
[16:17] michaels Toshi: try to rotate phaser bank frequency every 10 seconds
[16:17] Vinnie Lei: Oh for *CENSORED* sake man... at least we don't have to talk diplomacy to these guys.
[16:17] =A=::ALIEN SHIP: Maneuvers past the Redeemer and Opens fire on the Emily Lynn=A=
[16:17] Chase Quinnell: Helm, evasive maneuvers. Cover the Emily Lynn
[16:18] Lewisse Sak: Captain. I'm not detecting Borg lifesigns on the spheres. Standbye.
[16:18] =A= Arkaniad Exonar: BORG!! =A=
[16:18] Lexii Lane: Evasive pattern echelon seven, move our ship between the redeemer and the attacking Teuri vessel
[16:18] Chase Quinnell: Captain Lane, our sensors detect no Borg Lifesigns on their ship.. do you copy?
[16:18] Raine Seomun: Engaging evasive maneuvers, captain.
[16:18] Lewisse Sak: The lifesigns are Vaadwaur Captain. No drones alive on those spheres.
[16:19] michaels Toshi: could that mean that the vaadwaur successfully took borg vessels?
[16:19] =A= Lexii Lane: Confirmed redeemer. They must be controlling the spheres remotely=A=
[16:19] Chase Quinnell: Our sensors detect Vaaduer lifesigns on those ships.
[16:19] Lewisse Sak: Reconfiguring phasors to random frequency.
[16:19] =A= Lexii Lane: Sensors are detecting a tetrion beam emanating between the Teuri vessels, and the borg spheres. =A=
[16:20] =A=::ALIEN SHIPS:: Fire on Redeemer=A=
[16:20] Vinnie Lei: Suggest flooding the sector with radiation to disrupt their control on the spheres captain.
[16:20] Chase Quinnell grips his chair, "Argh!!"
[16:20] Lewisse Sak: Tetrion beam confirmed sir.
[16:20] Vinnie Lei: Minor damage to port nacelle.
[16:20] =A= Arkaniad Exonar: IM HIT!=A=
[16:20] Lewisse Sak: Damage control is on the way sir.
[16:20] =A= Zed Drebin: Ops to Redeemer, we are detecting long range transporter signals, please confirm=A=
[16:21] Chase Quinnell: Captain, My tactical officer suggest we flood the sector with radiation to disrupt their control on their spheres.
[16:21] Arkaniad Exonar: reload
[16:21] Chase Quinnell: Can you confirm, Lewisse?
[16:21] Vinnie Lei: Intruder alert. Lt. Vinnie to Security. Secure all vital systems on the ship. [16:21] =A= Lexii Lane: emily lynn fires 3 photon torpedoes at the lead Teuri vessel, disabling their weapons=A=
[16:21] Lewisse Sak: Captain, I have the deflector dish set for radiation emission. I confirm that sir.
[16:21] michaels Toshi: engage forcefield around the core
[16:21] =A= CYLONXD Slade: people with borg up there behind...please transport me for back up=A=
[16:22] Vinnie Lei: Captain, someone detected our shield frequency, I highly suggest encrypt the frequency commands per microsecond.
[16:22] Chase Quinnell: Our deflector dish is set for radiation emission, standing by to deploy... We have an intruder alert!
[16:22] =A= Zed Drebin: Target the Spheres=A=
[16:22] Lewisse Sak: Reconfiguring shields.
[16:22] =A= Lexii Lane: Redeemer, Do you think the tetrion beam may have something to do with control of the borg spheres? I am only detecting sparse lifeforms aboard both spheres=A=
[16:22] michaels Toshi starts helping the repair teams coordinate
[16:22] Lewisse Sak: Transferring engineering control to bridge station.
[16:23] Arkaniad Exonar: AAAAAAH!
[16:23] michaels Toshi: thank you, Ops
[16:23] Chase Quinnell: I'm not sure, Captain.
[16:23] michaels Toshi: forcefield around the core is stable sir
[16:23] =A= Lexii Lane: emily lynn locks phasers on the first borg sphere and fires=A=
[16:23] Chase Quinnell: Bridge to security, I want those intruders locked down. Engage intruder forcefield systems.
[16:24] Lewisse Sak: Captain. I can configure the defector to emit a directional beam of radiation.
[16:24] Vinnie Lei: Internal sensors detect 5 enemy lifeforms onboard. 3 in engineering and one in deflector control.
[16:24] Lewisse Sak: The atmosphere will not be affected sir.
[16:24] =A= Zed Drebin: Emily lynn Concentrate fire on the first sphere along with station weapons=A=
[16:24] michaels Toshi: sealing off Deflector Control
[16:24] Chase Quinnell: Vinnie, cover the Emily Lynn.
[16:24] Vinnie Lei: Yessir!
[16:24] =A= Lexii Lane: Minimal damage=A=
[16:24] Vinnie Lei: Enemy fire coming, brace for impact.
[16:24] Lewisse Sak: Transferring deflector targeting to Tactical.
[16:24] =A= Data Axel: Medical to Ops: If the radiation is not too high yes. =A=
[16:25] michaels Toshi braces himself
[16:25] Vinnie Lei: :HIT:
[16:25] =A= Zed Drebin: ::SPHERE EXPLODES::: =A=
[16:25] Lewisse Sak gabs her console as the Redeemer shudders.
[16:25] michaels Toshi is thrown around
[16:25] =A= Lexii Lane: Could we divert power to the forward deflector array to emit theteon radiation? Would that work? =A=
[16:25] Chase Quinnell: ::Redeemer is hit by enemy fire::
[16:25] Lewisse Sak: Confirmed theteon sir.
[16:25] Vinnie Lei: Shields down to 76%, and holding.
[16:25] =A= Lexii Lane: Confirmed Tranquility, opening all weapons on first sphere. Coordinating weapons fire with Ops. =A=
[16:25] Chase Quinnell: We already have ours configured Captain Lane, waiting on you.
[16:26] Vinnie Lei: Internal sensors detect only 2 enemy lifeforms left.
[16:26] michaels Toshi: sir, we've lost power to the port nacelle and life support on deck 3 has failed, im evacing that deck
[16:26] Chase Quinnell: ::Redeemer has lost power to the port nacelle, life support on deck 3 is down::
[16:26] =A= Zed Drebin: On my mark=A=
[16:27] =A= Lexii Lane: Residual damage to decks 3 and 4 starboard, hull breaches on deck 3. Life support is out on half the deck. =A=
[16:27] Chase Quinnell: Helm, get us into a position so we can use our deflector dish.
[16:27] =A= Lexii Lane: Lay in a pursuit course, fire aft torpedo launcher at the second Teuri vessel, target their engines=A=
[16:28] Vinnie Lei: Lt. Vinnie to engineering. Warning, the remaining enemy lifeform is in warpcore control.
[16:28] michaels Toshi: darn!
[16:28] Chase Quinnell: ::Redeemer has an intruder in warpcore control::
[16:28] =A= Lexii Lane: :: Emily Lynn fires:: =A=
[16:28] Raine Seomun dances her finger tips across the console, pressing a wide array of the colorful buttons. "Aye captain, bringing us about"
[16:28] Chase Quinnell: Vinnie, get a security team down there immediately!
[16:28] Vinnie Lei: Already on their way sir. They are approaching main engineering.
[16:28] =A= CYLONXD Slade: Get a Evac for the Admiral.... =A=
[16:29] michaels Toshi: im detecting someone interfacing with the warp intermix manifold
[16:29] Chase Quinnell: ::The Redeemer moves into a position so it can launch it's weapon::
[16:29] Lewisse Sak: Security is advised of the situation in engineering Capt.
[16:29] =A= Sarandel Llewellyn: This is Crewman Sarandel on Tranquility. Standing by to assist where needed, currently preparing to monitor the effects of the radiation. =A=
[16:29] Chase Quinnell: Vinnie, standby to fire.
[16:29] Vinnie Lei: Chief engineer, disable all command functions in engineering. I detect hack attempts into the main computer. Ops, try to redirect Engineering control to bridge.
[16:29] Vinnie Lei: Yes sir.
[16:29] =A= Lexii Lane: :: Redeemer is venting warp plasma:: =A=
[16:29] Lewisse Sak: On it sir....
[16:29] michaels Toshi: ate attempting to disanle
[16:30] Chase Quinnell: Emily Lynn, launch your thetryon beam on my mark.. Engineering, seal off that plasma leak
[16:30] Lewisse Sak: Engineering control routed to bridge.
[16:30] michaels Toshi: i've temporarily locked them out, no idea how long it will hold
[16:30] =A= Lexii Lane: Crewman, let us know as soon as you get the results on the effects of the radiation on the planet. =A=
[16:30] Lewisse Sak: Command functions encrypted with a fractal code sir.
[16:30] Vinnie Lei: Yessir.
[16:30] =A= Laura88 Sands: Borg on the grounds darn it! =A=
[16:31] Chase Quinnell: Emily Lynn, move to disable that sphere!
[16:31] =A= Lexii Lane: Helm, roundabout mark 267 engage. Lock fire on the remaining Teuri vessels, and open fire pattern Delta 12, photon torpedo's full spread. =A=
[16:31] Chase Quinnell: Helm, take us in.
[16:31] Vinnie Lei: Phaserfire in main engineering detected! But Internal sensors lost lock on the lifeform. Awaiting Security reports.
[16:31] Raine Seomun: aye captain. taking us in.
[16:31] Chase Quinnell: Attack pattern Alpha 5
[16:32] =A= Lexii Lane: Divert all power to the weapons. =A=
[16:32] Chase Quinnell: ::Redeemer sensors detect phaser fire in engineering. Internal sensors lose the intruder:
[16:32] Chase Quinnell: Vinnie, keep me informed!
[16:32] Vinnie Lei: Security gives the all clear in main engineering, but the lifeform has vanished.
[16:32] =A= Zed Drebin: ::: More transporter signals are dected as more teuri re-animated borg materialize:::: =A=
[16:32] Chase Quinnell: Fire phasers at that sphere. Aim to disable!
[16:32] Vinnie Lei: Firing phasers
[16:32] Chase Quinnell: Lewisse, can you work on a way to jam their transporters?
[16:33] Lewisse Sak: Captain. I have a transprter lock on Vaadwaur lifeforms in engineering. Shall I beam them to the brig sir?
[16:33] michaels Toshi: sir, im detecting something *odd* in the secondary phaser algorythms, i think someone is trying to disrupt our phaser tartgetting
[16:33] =A= Lexii Lane: Have we got the status on the effects of the atmostpheric contamination? =A=
[16:33] Chase Quinnell: New orders, Vinnie, shoot to destroy that sphere.
[16:33] Vinnie Lei: Yes sir. Firing at will.
[16:33] =A= DamionStJames Webb: Welcome center under attack, All personnel, do NOT USE AUTO, use burst=A=
[16:33] Chase Quinnell: Aye, lock 'em up Lewisse.
[16:34] Chase Quinnell: Try to lock them out Michaels
[16:34] michaels Toshi: aye
[16:34] Lewisse Sak: Captain. I'm programming a subspace wave that should partially disrupt their transporters. But sir, it will affect ours too.
[16:34] Vinnie Lei: Commander, use these algorithms, they're hard to hack by logical beings.
[16:34] =A= Lexii Lane: We are in weapons range redeemer. Awaiting to coordinate fire on your mark. =A=
[16:34] Chase Quinnell: Noted, Lewisse.
[16:34] Vinnie Lei: *gives him it via his console*
[16:35] Chase Quinnell: Open fire, Emily Lynn.
[16:35] michaels Toshi: thank you
[16:35] =A= Lexii Lane: :: Locks all weapons on the sphere, targeting where propulsion is believed to be:: =A=
[16:35] Lewisse Sak: Vaadwaur lifeforms transported to the brig. I've disarmed their weapons sir.
[16:35] michaels Toshi: they're working, wait.....they've managed to corrupt 3 algorithms before i locked them out, phaser tar getting will be sluggish
[16:35] =A= Kaiden Ruxton: The Borg Have BREACHED the WC!!! =A=
[16:36] Chase Quinnell: Vinnie, mind trying out the new ballistics torpedoes?
[16:36] Lewisse Sak: Quantum torpedoes are loaded tac.
[16:36] =A= Lexii Lane: :: Emily Lynn opens fire:: =A=
[16:36] Vinnie Lei smirks all over "I'd be delighted sir!"
[16:36] =A= Lexii Lane: Concentrate your fire on this location on the sphere. Overload the forward assembly if needed, we do not want them to get to Tranquility! =A=
[16:36] Chase Quinnell: Good, load them into the tubes and fire at will.
[16:36] Vinnie Lei: Loading torpedoes. Firing torpedoes, now!
[16:37] Chase Quinnell: ::Redeemer fires experimental ballistics torpedoes::
[16:37] =A= Lexii Lane: :: Emily Lynn rounds about, cutting off the sphere on its course, and opens fire, a single long concentrated phaser burst:: =A=
[16:37] Chase Quinnell: Engineering, seal off those decks!! Evacuate all non-essential personnel.
[16:38] michaels Toshi: sir....i believe we could get INFRONT o the Sphere, but i'd have to open the plasma injectors to could breach the core
[16:38] Chase Quinnell: Captain Lane.. try to aim for these coor-------COMM LOST
[16:38] Chase Quinnell: Damage report!
[16:38] =A= Lexii Lane: :: The blast of intense phaser engergy continues for a while, and is suddenly cut off, an explosion rocking the upper saucer section=A=
[16:39] =A= Zed Drebin: :::2 OF THE TEURI SHIPS TURN TAIL AND RUN::: =A=
[16:39] Vinnie Lei: Damage on decks 5, 7, 13 and 19. Sections A,D,G,H and I.
[16:39] Lewisse Sak: Captain. I'm emitting a random subspace pulse on the Borg interlink frequency. Hopefully it will confuse the drones.
[16:39] Chase Quinnell: ::Redeemer has Damage on decks 5, 7, 13 and 19. Sections A,D,G,H and I.::
[16:39] Vinnie Lei: Life support failing on those decks.
[16:39] michaels Toshi: sir, we lost comms, we lost the starboard nacelle, and we're venting atmosphere
[16:39] =A= Lexii Lane: Redeemer, we have lost forward phasers. We are down to a limited stock of photon torpedo's =A=
[16:39] Chase Quinnell: ::Redeemer has Damage on decks 5, 7, 13 and 19. Sections A,D,G,H and I. Life support failing on those decks::
[16:39] =A= Lexii Lane: Photon torpedo's full spread=A=
[16:39] Lewisse Sak: Darn. Comms down sir. Reconfiguring.
[16:40] Lewisse Sak: Tac? Can I have deflector control?
[16:40] Vinnie Lei gives Ops deflector control
[16:40] Chase Quinnell: ::Redeemer's comms have failed::
[16:41] Chase Quinnell: Helm, bring us about coordinates 261 by 644 mark II
[16:41] Lewisse Sak: Reconfiguring deflector for subspace transmission. Random pulse emitting on Borg interlink frequency. Full amplification.
[16:41] =A= Lexii Lane: :: Helm, whats the status of the redeemer? =A=
[16:41] michaels Toshi: darn!!!
[16:42] =A= Lexii Lane: Do we dectect a warp breach? =A=
[16:42] Chase Quinnell: ::Reconfiguring deflector for subspace transmission. Random pulse emitting on Borg interlink frequency. Full amplification.::
[16:42] michaels Toshi: Vinnie, try -if you can- to rotate weapon frenquency every 5 seconds
[16:42] Vinnie Lei: I'll give it my best shot.
[16:43] =A= Lexii Lane: :: EL Helm: No sir=A=
[16:43] Chase Quinnell: ::Redeemer rotates weapon's frequncies every 5 seconds as it fires more torps at the Sphere::
[16:43] =A= Lexii Lane: Ruxton, are we able to beam any of their crew aboard, or get medical assistance to them? =A=
[16:43] =A= Lexii Lane: :: An explosion rocks the bridge=A=
[16:44] Chase Quinnell: ::Redeemer's shields fail. Impulse drives go offline and inertial dampeners are at 40%::
[16:44] Lewisse Sak: darn.
[16:44] michaels Toshi: godamn!
[16:44] Raine Seomun: Ive lost impulse, Captain.
[16:44] =A= Laura88 Sands: cross fire...careful! =A=
[16:44] michaels Toshi: i can't get impulse reactors 3-9 to respond
[16:45] Chase Quinnell: ::Redeemer rocks from the blow. It is knocked adrift in space::
[16:45] =A= Lexii Lane: :: Emily Lynn matches coordinates of Redeemers fire, and fires photon torpedoes=A=
[16:45] Vinnie Lei: I don't want to -B ship darnit. *keeps firing*
[16:45] Chase Quinnell: Vinnie.. fire all remaining Balistics torps!
[16:45] Chase Quinnell: Fire everything we got before our weapons fail!
[16:45] michaels Toshi's console explodes and is thrown across the floor
[16:45] Vinnie Lei: Yessir! Firing everything we got at it.
[16:46] =A= Lexii Lane: Tranquility, any word on the impact to the environment of Pinastri? =A=
[16:46] michaels Toshi picks himself off the floor after the sudden announcement
[16:46] Lewisse Sak: Reconfiguring as per Lanes instructions Captain.
[16:47] Chase Quinnell: ::Redeemer fires all remaining ballistics torpedoes. Phaserbanks depleted and all remaining weaponry is fired at the Sphere-- the Redeemer's weapons supplies have been depleted::
[16:47] michaels Toshi: emergency forefields barely responding, i can give you 1/4 impulse though
[16:47] =A= Zed Drebin: Ops to redeemer take out that sphere we are being overrun =A=
[16:47] Lewisse Sak: Remaining impulse reactor power and auxiliary rerouted to main deflector.
[16:47] Lewisse Sak: Ready to emit sir.
[16:47] =A= Zed Drebin: Medical, Report! =A=
[16:47] Vinnie Lei: Engineering, is our tractorbeam online?
[16:47] michaels Toshi: we have a minor hull breach in your ready room captain!......sealing it off...... failed!!!, the ready room is gone
[16:48] =A= Lexii Lane: Helm, lay in a collision course... directly at the sphere. Full impulse. =A=
[16:48] Chase Quinnell: Tranq--ity... our engines....fai--ed, we're
[16:48] michaels Toshi: i can get you a tractor, at 20% maybe more
[16:48] =A= Laura88 Sands: Stupid Borg=A=
[16:48] Vinnie Lei: I learned this fancy lesson in my academy days... eject the core and push it right into their faces. We got a spare core anyhow.
[16:48] =A= Lexii Lane: :: Emily Lynn reports no more photon torpedoes =A=
[16:48] Lewisse Sak: Confirmed Captain!
[16:49] michaels Toshi: actually, it's offline, but the core we have now is doing no use anyway
[16:49] Lewisse Sak: Lets give em an antimatter blast!
[16:49] =A= Sarandel Llewellyn: Atmopheric models indicate minimal effect from the radiation. It should be safe, sir. =A=
[16:49] michaels Toshi: so we just have to float for a few hours
[16:49] Chase Quinnell: Eject the core... engage tractor beam... throw it in their god-damned faces.
[16:49]  : =A= Zed Drebin: Get yourself out of there =A=
[16:49] michaels Toshi: ejecting core
[16:49] michaels Toshi: the core has been ejected, NOW!
[16:50] Lewisse Sak: Tracrtor engaged for push Captain.
[16:50] Chase Quinnell: ::Redeemer ejects the core, and tractors it to the Borg Sphere. A large antimatter explosion sends shockwaves throughout the system::
[16:50] Vinnie Lei: Brace for impact!
[16:50] Lewisse Sak: We're sending the Borg a present.
[16:50] Chase Quinnell braces for impact!
[16:50] michaels Toshi holds on to what's left of the engineering station
[16:50] Chase Quinnell: Um... hang ten.. guys?
[16:50] =A= Zed Drebin: :::EXPLOSIONS ROCK THE SHPERE::::: =A=
[16:50] Lewisse Sak "Say hello to my little friend". *braces for shockwave*
[16:51] =A= Lexii Lane: :: EL will not fire tetrion radiation unless confirmation comes in from tranquiliy=A=
[16:51] Raine Seomun clings to her console
[16:51] Chase Quinnell holds on tight as the ship rocks and sways violently, "I wish the inertial dampeners worked..::
[16:51] Lewisse Sak: Incoming message sir..onscreen.
[16:51] michaels Toshi is thrown over to the medical console, due to lack of engineering seatbelts
[16:51] Chase Quinnell: Onscreen..
[16:52] Vinnie Lei: Get the darn name straight *mutters to the aliens*
[16:52] michaels Toshi: oof
[16:52]  : Lexii Lane: Helm, change course, bearing 106 mark 12
[16:52] Vinnie Lei: Aaaaaaaaaaaaoooooooooooowwwww!!!!! Yeah!
[16:52] michaels Toshi lies on the floor bleeding silently
[16:52] Chase Quinnell: ::The Redeemer's plaque falls on vinnie's head...again::
[16:52] Lewisse Sak OOWWW!!!
[16:52] =A= Zed Drebin: Ops to EL, Medical confirms radiation levels at acceptable levels=A=
[16:53] Chase Quinnell: Am I dead?
[16:53] Chase Quinnell looks around the pitch dark room.
[16:53] Lewisse Sak: Engage radiation emission Capt?
[16:53] =A= Lexii Lane: :: all lights go out on emily lynn=A=
[16:54] Chase Quinnell: ::Redeemer's lights go out, all sounds and consoles go dark::
[16:54] =A= Lexii Lane: :: EL misses the collision with the sphere, but is damaged by the resounding blast emitted by the sphere=A=
[16:54] Chase Quinnell: ::Viewscreen goes dark
[16:55] Chase Quinnell tries to figure out why he feels like he's on his back.
[16:55] Chase Quinnell:
[16:55] Vinnie Lei: It is dark, sir.
[16:55] Chase Quinnell: I know it's dark!
[16:55] =A= Lexii Lane: :: on a static latent channel, captain lane responds: Lane to Quinell... status? =A=
[16:55] Chase Quinnell: Quinnell here... I can't see a thing. It's all dark in here..
[16:55] Lewisse Sak: I was thrown sir. Checking systems...
[16:56] Chase Quinnell: And I think my chair came out of the floor
[16:56] Lewisse Sak: Emergency lights on.
[16:56] =A= Zed Drebin: Ops to redeemer, sensors indicate that the ships are retreating=A=
[16:56] Vinnie Lei manages to grab a flashlights and emits a beam onto the bridge.
[16:56] Chase Quinnell: ::Redeemer's emergency systems come online::
[16:56] Chase Quinnell: Report people!
[16:56] michaels Toshi is healed by a medic
[16:56] Vinnie Lei: It is light again.
[16:56] Chase Quinnell: Obviously... vinnie
[16:57] Lewisse Sak: Were on the batteries sir.
[16:57] michaels Toshi: gravity must be offline
[16:57] Chase Quinnell taps a few buttons on the console.. Quinnell to Emily Lynn.. we're floating directly towards the Tranquility..
[16:57] Chase Quinnell: Mind giving a tractor?
[16:57] Lewisse Sak turns on emergency bridge lighting.
[16:57] =A= Lexii Lane: :: Tranquility respond... darn communications must be down. =A= [16:57] michaels Toshi: grav -1
[16:57] Chase Quinnell: Anyone.. respond?
[16:57] Chase Quinnell bangs his fists on the console.
[16:58] =A= Zed Drebin: Ops to Marines... REport=A=
[16:58] =A= Zed Drebin: What's going on down there? =A=
[16:59] =A= Zed Drebin: ::::BORG CONTINUE TO ATTACK THE SURFACE:::: =A=
[16:59] Lewisse Sak: All systems down Captain. Batteries only.
[16:59] michaels Toshi: especially since our core is gone
[16:59] Chase Quinnell: Redeemer to anyone who can hear us..? We're drifting towards the Tranquility.. we need a tractor beam!
[16:59] Chase Quinnell looks at his destroyed chair and sighs.
[17:00] =A= Lexii Lane: :: Static conceals her voice: Redeemer this is the EL we copy=A=
[17:00] Lewisse Sak: Captain. I suggest using a phasor to breach the hull facing tranquility. The escaping atmosphere may help to slow us.
[17:00] Grav control: Changing gravity to 100.000000%...
[17:00] Chase Quinnell: ::Static erodes the comm-- Acknowledged Captain...::
[17:01] =A= Sarandel Llewellyn: Tranquility here. Captain, you might want to get your engines online. =A=
[17:01] Chase Quinnell: ::Computer: Impact with large object in 1 minute::
[17:01] michaels Toshi: ALL HANDDS BRACE FOR IMPACT!!!
[17:01] Lewisse Sak braces.
[17:01] Chase Quinnell pushes random buttons.
[17:01] michaels Toshi looks at the viewscreen "ohhh......shit"
[17:01] =A= Arkaniad Exonar: Lennier was injected with nanoprobes!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =A=
[17:02] =A= Lexii Lane: Lane rushes to the nearest console and begins rapidly pressing buttons=A=
[17:02] Chase Quinnell pounds the panel as the panels flash.
[17:02] =A= Lexii Lane: The relays are fused. =A=
[17:02] Lewisse Sak: My console is dead sir.
[17:03] =A= Lexii Lane: Diverting............. =A=
[17:03] michaels Toshi: and here was me thinking the Redeemer A would stay A
[17:03] =A= Zed Drebin: Get me that tractor beam! =A=
[17:03] Vinnie Lei: Sir, I got one last idea. I can explode a few torpedoes in their cargohold and slow us down. This will requite a lot of repair afterwards, but at least it will slow us down.
[17:03] Chase Quinnell watches as the Tranquility fills the viewscreen::
[17:04] =A= Lexii Lane: Only quarter impulse=A=
[17:04] Chase Quinnell: Abandon ship!
[17:04] michaels Toshi: hot people first!!!!
[17:04] Raine Seomun: haha
[17:04] michaels Toshi watches as me and Raine rush out the door
[17:04] =A= Zed Drebin: Ops to Engineering, I need more power on the tractor emitters! =A=
[17:05] michaels Toshi: one way to solve it
[17:05] =A= Lexii Lane: Tranquility, set tractor beams for full repulse, that should give me enough time to intercept. =A=
[17:05] michaels Toshi: that way
[17:05] michaels Toshi: rofl
[17:05] =A= Sarandel Llewellyn: Diverting power from life support to engineering. =A=
[17:05] michaels Toshi: didnt know i had particles activated
[17:05] Raine Seomun: I think i died and the light to jesus.
[17:05] =A= Lexii Lane: Emily Lynn locks a tractor beam onto the redeemer, attempting to slow its velocity=A=
[17:06] michaels Toshi: no redeemer B? *looks sad*
[17:06] =A= Hideyuki Hird: Seeing the ship getting closer and closer=A=
[17:06] Chase Quinnell: Cancel abandon ship order, authorization Quinnell Blue Theta one
[17:06] Chase Quinnell: I hope the holodecks still work
[17:06] michaels Toshi: No, they went bye-bye
[17:06] Chase Quinnell: I was looking forward to hanging out at the beach
[17:06] michaels Toshi: so did your ready room
[17:07] Chase Quinnell: nah
[17:07] Chase Quinnell: the door is just...fubarred
[17:07] =A= Lexii Lane: Full reverse=A=
[17:07] Chase Quinnell: i can still get in
[17:07] =A= Lexii Lane: :: tractor beam phases out temporarily=A=
[17:07] =A= Bogle Richard: Data on warp pulse incominbszXRART!! =A=
[17:08] =A= Lexii Lane: Transporters are down. =A=
[17:08] michaels Toshi: twas not
[17:08] michaels Toshi: the forcefield was INSIDE the room, not on the door
[17:08] =A= Kaiden Ruxton: redeemer begins to slow =A=
[17:08] Raine Seomun snaps her fingers and fixes everything.
[17:09] Chase Quinnell: Captain Drebin, respond. We require medical assistance on the Redeemer.
[17:09] =A= Arkaniad Exonar: hurry...................... *static* Transporter deck *static* oh god!!!!!!! =A=
[17:09] michaels Toshi noob cubes
[17:09] =A= Bogle Richard: Captain.. I think it got thru.. we've burned out our deflector
sending, sir.. but it should b bak on line when we reaasSRZZTAK!! ::com lost:: =A=
[17:09] Chase Quinnell: ::Redeemer has been docked::
[17:10] =A= Zed Drebin: Ops to docking crew, secure the Redeemer and the EL=A=
[17:10] michaels Toshi: im now the only survivor of the redeemer incident
[17:10] Chase Quinnell: The air conditioner isnt working
[17:10] Chase Quinnell frowns.
[17:10] =A= Sarandel Llewellyn: This is Trainee Nurse Sarandel. Ready to assist where needed. =A=
[17:10] Chase Quinnell feels sweat on his forehead.
[17:10] Raine Seomun: i have bandaids, do you require medical assistance?
[17:11] =A= Zed Drebin: Ops to ground troops, I need those borg neutralized=A=
[17:11] Grav control: Changing gravity to 0.000000%...
[17:11] Raine Seomun: Yes dear
[17:11] michaels Toshi: get him to beam here, i'll shoot him
[17:12] =A= Lexii Lane: :: Emily Lynn slows to a stop, dragging the redeemer to a dead stop. =A=
[17:12] michaels Toshi: we now have exit
[17:13] Raine Seomun: incoming
[17:13] michaels Toshi: even poses arent working
[17:14] Chase Quinnell: We're waiting for a welcoming party
[17:14] michaels Toshi: hello captain, we have injured, namely me
[17:14] Chase Quinnell: Oh hello Captain
[17:15] =A= Kaiden Ruxton: Redeemer! stand by for a power transfer=A=
[17:15] Vinnie Lei: draw
[17:15] michaels Toshi: The redeemer isnt going anywhere fast
[17:15] =A= Lexii Lane: We have the emily lynn secured=A=
[17:15] Chase Quinnell: Acknowledged. We're kinda without our warp core after throwing it at the sphere.
[17:15] =A= Lexii Lane: Medical teams are beaming over from Emily Lynn=A=
[17:15] michaels Toshi: and i guess i'll be the one overseeing the overhaul since our engineer is on vacation *sigh*
[17:16] =A= Mike Calhoun: ground troops are gaining ground=A=
[17:16] Chase Quinnell: What engineer?
[17:16] Chase Quinnell: He died in that splosion on saturday
[17:16] michaels Toshi: oh...
[17:16] michaels Toshi: wow
[17:16] michaels Toshi: i knew that
[17:16] =A= Kaiden Ruxton: Transferring the last of the auxiliary power to the Redeemer=A=
[17:16] Raine Seomun: draw
[17:16] =A= Lexii Lane: If everything is good here Lieutenant, I will be directing forces below on the planet, cleaning the remaining resistance =A=
[17:16] Raine Seomun: arm
[17:16] Chase Quinnell: Aye, captain.
[17:16] =A= Kaiden Ruxton: A noble sacrifice=A=
[17:16] michaels Toshi: yes, we're fine just floaty