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General Data
*Production number: AST-RP067
*Initiated: 120722
*Year: 2387
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: Singularity Jive
*Next Mission: Falling Skies
*SIM Concept: Poison Toocool
*Historian: Poison Toocool


Commanding Officer Poison Toocool - Log, Stardate 120803:

Location: 4 ly trailing SS Astraios -- Our mission is to rendezvous with USS Huitzilopochtli, on route from the Pinastri system, and escort her to Astraios Sector. We estimated 3 to 4 weeks travel time to meeting her. Signals have been intermittent, but that is to be expected given the Astraios effect and the proximity of the Takaar Nebula.

After encountering a rare singularity, we discovered a freighter entering the interdimentional rift, and quickly moved to offer assistance. The cargo vessel had been fired upon and 3 of its 10 crew were injured. They declined our help. We detected a cloaked vessel nearby. Zhieela Bruxxls had set a trap, but I declined to play her game. We rescued the now frightened freighter crew, and managed to place a homing device on Zhieela's ship. Our Task Force has been alerted.

As we sped away, Ensign Spingflower contacted the bridge. One of the freighter crew had opened fire on medical and security teams in the cargo bay, they were overrun. Several of my people were hurt in the exchange but we managed to get them under control. Two of them are dead, one is in sick bay and not expected to survive, the other seven are in the brig. Intel officer Peter Python has been questioning them.

Apparently they are from an uncharted Class L planetoid not far from here. Security Chief Barbosa feels we should swing by it and run some scans. Science says there's some kind of a shield around the place that's reflecting our sensors.

We seem to be perpetually at yellow alert.

Crew participation

Captain - Cptn Poison Toocool

XO - Cmdr Genny7 Markus

2nd Officer/Chief Science - LT David7 Bravin

Chief Engineer/Helm - Cmdr Karl Quar

Chief Security - LTcmdr Dolfke Barbosa

OPs - LTcmdr Breydon Lane

Medical/Science - LTjg Fire Springflower

Intel/Tactical - Ensign Peter Python


Reporting: Cpt Poison Toocool, USS Argonaut, Stardate 120805 - Location: Surface, Class L planetoid 5 ly trailing Astraios

I have been stunned by a phaser blast from my Security Chief, who panicked on the bridge when several officers, including me, were making conflicting statements.

It all began when we decided to check out the Class L Planetoid our prisoners told us about. On our approach, we found that it was shielded, but that the inhabitants seem to be low tech, using old style radio signals to send a distress call. We heard it, but did not acknowledge, thinking this might be another trap.

Science and tactical found that there were several shield generators, two of which were located at the north pole. We determined we could use an energy beam to disable one of them in such a way that it would look like a malfunction. Engineering suggested we launch a drone to disturb the shield modulations as well. We did so, and were able to penetrate the shield, and then locate a place to land near the equator.

In the meantime, several crew reported to sick bay with food poisoning from the replicators, but, upon further investigation, the replicators seemed fine except for 5 or 6. In order to be safe, I ordered power transferred from replicators to main system, and our civilian bartender to the kitchen to use only dry or canned or bottled goods while we figure this out.

Our systems were mildly affected by something behind the shield, but we were doing ok. Tactical kept reporting a Borglike signal, near the south pole. Medical said more crew were reporting sick and replicators were the cause. OPs said there was nothing wrong with the replicators. I couldn't remember the ranks or names of some of the bridge officers.

I heard security ordering number one to take over the bridge, but I didn't understand why. I continued to give my orders to bring the ship safetly to the landing point and ensure we used only thrusters to avoid attention. A muddle of reports coming at me, and then the phaser blast. I was stunned but remained upright, leaning on the railing by the centre chair, giving my orders.

I heard Dr Lane screaming at Security Chief Barbosa. It was then I felt overwhelmed, and fell to the ground as Helm reported a safe landing.

I remember telling Number One to take over the bridge before everything went black....