Vessel of the Light

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Vessel of the Light
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Missions
*Production number: SHEP-RP083
*Initiated: 110925
*Ended: 110925
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: Vessel of the Light
*Previous Mission: Remnants
*Next Mission: Next >>
*SIM Concept: Mulgrave Dwi
*Historian: April Coswell

Energy balls appear through the ship while the mysterious priestess speaks in scripture to the Captain; the ship travels through yet another anomaly and ends up on an icy world.


Location: Midgar System, 50 years in the past

Captain's log, Stardate 110925

Alert Status: yellow

The Sheppard is now stuck 50 years in the past. We are currently in orbit of the planet Midgar - at least this time when we jumped we ended up close to home. At present we have only suspicions as to how we got here, we know it has something to do with two separate anomalies we encountered. The first one I believe we managed to manually pull ourselves out of and make an unscheduled stop by cutting power to the deflector array, the second time I believe we managed to reach our destination. My reasoning is the difference in what we encountered: here at Midgar we managed to detect chroniton readings on the planet similar to those of what was emitted through our deflector dish when we were carried further into the past.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to do much more than detect these readings before they dissipated. I am certain, however, that the people on Midgar could not have created these particles. They do not have the technology to do so, which suggests they are artificial in nature. Also, another anomaly is that we have encountered the Seekers of the Light - our last encounter with this cult was in the Dactes sector while investigating a missing archeological team. We were inexplicably attacked and given a message from some sort of religious monk.

On Midgar it appears these "Seekers of the Light" have set up as some sort of religious group. Certainly their name suggests this - the priestess we encountered and inadvertedly transported onboard the Sheppard seems to know who we are and was not disturbed when presented with our level of technology. She even called the Sheppard a "vessel of the light"; what significance this has, I don't know, but even 50 years from now the Midgar system is not a postwarp society and our encounter with them in our time period was some 30 light years distance, suggesting some sort of external influence is being placed here.

At present, Science is working on leads as to how to get home and investigating with Medical the unusual powers that this priestess seems to have, while Security and Ops are working on locking down our systems as well as following up on possible leads as to some of the unusual occurences.

The Sheppard itself I have taken out of silent mode, as in this time period there appears to be little to no warp travel in the area, and have us heading towards the Dactes Sector; perhaps going back to where we first encountered the Seekers of the Light might give me some answers.

Computer, end log.


While Captain Dwi and Ensign Araulya Coronet interrogated Priestess Lehana in the brig, Lt. Commander Jess Hamelin and the bridge crew attempted to investigate the strange energy signatures that had been appearing and disappearing throughout the ship as it travelled toward the Dactes sector. When one such energy signature appeared at the Ops station, Commander Hamelin was able to "see" it - thanks to her cybernetic eye - as very distinct ball of energy. She ordered Science to find a way to make the ball visible, which was accomplished though an application of reverse charged ionized particles. At the same time, Ensign Leo Ravenheart and Assistant Chief of Operations Rich Lombardia managed to find evidence of a chroniton signature inherent in the energy ball, suggesting it (or they) were acting partially outside out time frame, allowing them to travel more freely.

Meanwhile, in the brig, Captain Dwi and Ensign Coronet managed to piece together - even though the priestess spoke mostly in scripture - that the Seekers of the Light cult emanated from an individual named Meklar, who was now revered as a prophet by the cult. From what Lehana told them, they concluded that Meklar had been spared from some cataclysmic event that wiped out his people. They also learned that this had something to do with the Chenae - the name chosen by the Retcha and the Uretcha when they united after making peace. In addition, Lehena hinted to the fact that the Sheppard crew had been selected as "messengers" of some sort.

On the bridge, the ball of energy the bridge crew had been studying shorted out the Ops station, while another energy ball appeared outside the brig - interrupting the interrogation of the priestess. The captain soon reported that the ball had just passed through a crewman; leaving the bridge to Chief of Operations April Coswell, Commander Hamelin went to assist security on this matter. Meanwhile, three more balls of energy appeared at various points on the ship and two of them appeared to converge on the secondary deflector, which began emitting chronitons and forming another temporal anomaly. Commander Coswell alerted Captain Dwi, who made her way back to the bridge - but the crew was unable to prevent the ship from being sucked into yet another anomaly... and tossed out into the atmosphere of an icy world. With main power out, only thrusters were available to level the ship's descent and soften its unavoidable crash on the surface.


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