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The Security Vice Branch Commander is second in command of the UF Starfleet Security Branch. They are the right hand of the Branch Commander and have full authority with the department; as such, they are responsible for conducting the Head of UF Starfleet Security's duties in their absence.

NB. This position is a FLEET level position so not a RP / chapter position!


  • Process people in and out of your Branch
  • Maintain at least one introductory course from each division for the Academy
  • Maintain Branch/Divisional SL Group
  • Participate in group functions, such as ceremonies
  • Involve themselves in daily activities around the sim facilities (mingling, being available, giving advise etc.)
  • Conduct Security Drills in Second Life/ 3rd Rock/ etc.
  • Serve as an example of a good Starfleet Officer
  • Recruit for UF Starfleet Security.
  • Work towards overall Branch staffing goals.

This position is always under review and may be changed accordingly



Mandatory Command Requirements


6 months active service with no serious reprimands on Service Jacket.

Minimum Rank


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