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The Vice Head of UF Starfleet Operations, or Vice Branch Commander, is the second in command of the entire branch. Among several responsibilities, the Vice Branch Commander is responsible for assisting the Head of UFS Operations in management of the roster, maintenance of promotion records, courses, delegation of activities, as well as monthly reporting to the Branch Commander.


  • RolePlay your position as Vice Branch Commander of UF Starfleet Operations.
  • Assist with supervision of courses created by UF Starfleet Academy.
  • Participation in group functions, such as ceremonies, etc.
  • Involvement with daily activities around the sim facilities (i.e.: mingling, being available, etc...)
  • Assist with staff motivation
  • Assist with making contact with those who've been out of contact for more than seven days.
  • Monthly Reporting to the Branch Commander.
  • Delegate projects from the Branch Commander as directed.
  • Recruit for UF Starfleet Operations.
  • Assist by ensuring that all Branch Members have the opportunity to RP at least once per month.
  • Assist with the development of new material and courses for the College of Operations of UF Starfleet Academy.
  • Assist with maintenance of Branch groups in ALL Metaverses (through Delegation) as directed by the Branch Commander.





Recommended (Not Required)



  • Minimum Six Months in service.
  • Prior leadership or command experience is preferred.
  • Full Twelve Hours of Simulator Training is Required.


  • Minimum Time in service requirement can be deferred at commands discretion on an application by application basis.
  • Class Requirements can be deferred at command discretion on an application by application basis.

Recommended (Not Required)

  • None

Minimum Time in Service UFS requires a minimum Time in Service of 6 months consecutive active service

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