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General Data
*Production number: AST-RP160
*Initiated: 140105
*Year: 2412
*Aliens: Cryrairos
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: Artefact Quest
*Next Mission: Quo Vadis
*SIM Concept: David7 Bravin, Genny7 Markus
*Historian: Poison Toocool


An Away Mission to locate and recover the missing piece of the Iconian artefact has been carried out. Captain Dolfke Barbosa took the runabout, USS Matterhorn and an experienced crew, back to the Asteroid Belt. There the remaining fragments of the asteroid that had been the earlier target of phaser fire from the USS Neil Armstrong were located. The missing piece of the artefact was detected in one of the asteroid fragments, which was then secured to the runabout and returned to the USS Neil Armstrong.

Back aboard the USS Neil Armstrong, the piece of artefact was removed from the asteroid fragment. The two pieces of artefact have now been joined together. Cmdr Genny7 Markus has called a Briefing to discuss a possible Away Mission back to the Ice planet with the now fully restored Iconian artefact.

Crew participation

Cmdr Genny7 Markus: Mission Command

Capt Karl Quar: Chief Engineer

Capt Dolfke Barbosa: Chief Security Officer

Cmdr Breydon Lane: Medical Officer

Cmdr David7 Bravin: Chief Science Officer


Log Entry: Commander Genny7 Markus, 140302: The USS Matterhorn has returned from the asteroid field with the other half of the artefact, their mission went very well.

I held a briefing in the observation lounge to advise the senior officers. Commander Bravin gave us a report on the artefact and that it was now complete and ready. I outlined my plan for the next stage; we would transport down to the ice planet once again taking the artefact with us. See what happens when we put the artefact into the control panel of the gateway, but under no circumstances was any one to use the gateway. At the end of our mission we would, if possible, close up the entrance to the cave and leave this pre-warp civilisation to grow and learn.

At the end of the briefing we all made our way to the transporter room and transported down to the surface. Once again there was no sign of the people of this world so we made our way to the frozen lake and slipped through the ice to the first cave below. We made our way down the corridor to where the control panel of the gateway stood and Commander Bravin very carefully put the artefact in place. The control panel came to life, and we stood there waiting for something else to happen but nothing did. We needed to see if there was anything on the other side of the gateway and Captain Barbosa produced a surveillance drone and she sent it through. What we saw was a very small chamber and another gateway, but best of all on the wall behind the gateway was a star chart.

After taking many pictures and scans of the room, we had to decide whether we should take a risk and try the second gateway or close up the cave and walk away. We were all of one mind we are out here to take risks. Captain Barbosa was the first one of us through and confirmed that she were still on the ice planet and that it looked like a temple decorated in the same manner as the other first cave. The one thing that was different about this one was that it was under water. We searched the temple but could find no way to return. So we contacted the ship and got ourselves beamed to the ship and then returned to the planet so that we could remove the artefact from the Gateway control panel. Engineering then set about the task of freezing the entrance to the cave, and also removing the statue head on the lake that marked where you would go through to the cave. We have frozen over that part of the lake but left the edges as this is what the natives use for drinking water. We then returned to the ship.