Where the Wild Things Are

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Where the Wild Things Are
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Missions
*Production number: SHEP-RP088
*Initiated: 111030
*Ended: 111030
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: Where the Wild Things Are
*Previous Mission: Footloose and Fancy Free
*Next Mission: Next >>
*SIM Concept: Jess Hamelin
*Historian: April Coswell

A strange gas causes some of the senior staff to turn into monsters.


First Officer's log, stardate 111030 Location: Trailing the Oclar (20,000 years in the future)

We are still missing our engineer. We're attempting to track them down, but for what seems to be a simple people, they cover their tracks pretty well. Unfortunately, this doesn't mean all our other problems have gone away. We're still lost in time. We still have security issues a plenty. And we still don't know the reason behind all of it.

I've continued my investigation of those seemingly sentient energy balls we encountered which brought us to this time period. With my cybernetic implant, I was able to see them at a different point in the electromagnetic spectrum. We were also able to make them visible through a concentrated application of a gamma radiation derivitive, but it has to be short bursts due to the danger to the crew. I've been trying to work on how to make it more effective, as when we encounter these beings again, which I believe we will, we'll be able to track them down much faster. I think I've got something, and called a meeting with the Captain & the senior staff to discuss it and our general state of affairs, as it were.

Bridge to Cmdr Hamelin.

Jess sighs and taps her comm badge.

Hamelin here, what is it Lt Katsaidis?

Cmdr, the Chenae have just signalled that we're passing through a cloud of aeroenergetic gas within a few minutes, and it may interfere with communications for an hour or two, but they have us on sensors so we won't have a repeat of last week. Just thought you should be aware, sir.

Understood, bridge. Make a note of it in the log. XO out.

Where was I? Um, meeting, have a couple minutes to get ready...suddenly feeling dizzy. Better eat something.

Computer, end log.


Captain Dwi, Executive Officer Hamelin and Chief of Operations April Coswell had congregated in the science lab for Commander Hamelin's demonstration of how she hoped to make the energy orbs visible in the normal spectrum. On the bridge, Lt. Commander Marabana received a few irritated communications from the XO regarding higher-than-normal temperatures in the lab - even though environmental controls showed nothing out of the ordinary. Shortly after this, Assistant Chief of Operations Rich Lombardia read a power spike coming from the science lab. Unable to reach the senior officers, Commander Marabana ordered Lieutenant Lombardia to assemble a team and go investigate.

Once on deck 6, this team found an odd gas, along with something that didn't belong on a starship - huge spiderwebs, including one with a crewman caught inside it. Meanwhile, the bridge began getting reports of crew members being attacked or mauled throughout the ship. On Deck 6, a giant spider suddenly captured Science officer Kathen Ohtobide and, a bit later, Lieutenant Lombardia was attacked and bitten by a winged creature. On the bridge, while Sicence officer Araulya Coronet was attempting to find a way to vent the gas from deck 6 into space, a large and furry creature began prowling in the corridor outside and making dents in the door. Although a ploy to release a knockout gas failed, Commander Marabana and Science officer Leo Ravenheart did manage to stun the furry creature with their phasers - and, as a bonus, a winged and fanged vampire which had just appeared on Deck 1. Shortly after those two beings were consigned to the brig, the giant spider, along with an equally-gigantic fly, appeared on Deck 1 and attacked the crew. As the spider attempted to drag Lieutenant Coronet into a Jefferies tube, the bridge crew managed to subdue the two insects, namely with a stun grenade.

With all four creatures in the brig, Science took some blood samples and realized, upon analysis, that three of the four creatures were the severely-mutated versions of the senior officers - Captain Dwi had become a spider, Commander Hamelin a werewolf, and Commander Coswell a vampire. The fourth creature - the fly - was the mutated Lieutenant Ohtobide. Science managed to develop an antidote, which was administered to the four officers and succeeded in reverting them back to their normal forms.