Winter Wonderland

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Jingle Bells, Seven Hells, All hands on Deck...
General Data
*SIM Type: Cross-Region Roleplay
*Production number: UFS-RP001
*Initiated: 091129
*Ended: 100106
*Year: 2384/2385
*Aliens: Romulans
*Forum Thread: Winter Wonderland
*Next Mission: Have You Heard the Word?
*SIM Concept: Jadia Triellis
*Historian: T'Rennek Yuitza

Pinastri Prime is suddenly thrown into sub-zero weather conditions as the planet's Weather Modification Net fails. Intelligence reports that there is more to this than a simple case of equipment malfunction.


Normal everyday UFS business was going on in and around Pinastri when suddenly the normally tropical climate was interrupted by virtually planetwide cold fronts with temperatures plunging to sub-zero. All attempts to rectify the situation failed as it became apparent that the failure of the planet’s Weather Modification Net (WMN) was down to sabotage.

Head of UF Starfleet Operations LTCMDR Jadia Triellis immediately released fleet-wide orders to all stations, ships and branches to co-ordinate efforts to provide relief to the inhabitants of Pinastri Prime and to investigate the cause and the culprits.


Stardate 091129 - As per UFS Command’s orders, all available ships were put on standby to assist with any necessary relief efforts, in particular any evacuees. The USS Aviator and the USS Talisman were both first on the scene and held positions in low orbit of the planet ready to receive evacuees.

On the advice of Engineering, all transporting on and off the planet was restricted to supervised windows due to signal transceivers being affected by the ever worsening conditions. On the ground, the UFSMC were present in great numbers, and the Corps of Engineers released their newly developed MoBase Deployment Vehicles (MDV).

On stardate 091203 Captain Fremont of UFS Sciences released results of the chemical analysis of the snow that his scientists at Pathfinder had conducted. A small percentage of an unknown substance with an atomic count of 383 was discovered and was suggested to be a manufactured substance. Meanwhile temperatures on the surface continued to plunge at an alarming rate with readings of -40 being recorded at Pathfinder. These extreme temperatures continued to cause havoc with operations resulting in SFC having to cancel all flights of their Valkyrie fighters within Pinastri's atmosphere due to engine failure.

CPT Kevin Fremont

Stardate 091204 - UFS Command soon recieved the first investigative reports from UFS Intelligence specialists which confirmed that four intruders had gained access to the Stratus Station Meteorology Outpost and willfully sabotaged the WMN. They also reported clear evidence of contemporary Romulan transporter signatures and residual traces of a Romulan cloaked vessel in the upper atmosphere.

Stardate 091206 - LT Infinity of the ASDB recalled all SFC fighters and standard shuttlecraft to Cascadia Station for a computer upgrade in order to combat the isotope that wass preventing flight within the planets atmosphere. UFS Medical estimated that should the need arise, the potential number of people that would need evacuating from the surface was aproximately 5000.

Over the following weeks the planet experienced continued extreme weather conditions. However a sudden natural occurence of tectonic shifting not only changed Pinastri's landscape considerably, but appeared to force an end to the extreme conditions. On stardate 100106 LTCMDR Triellis ordered all branches and fleets to stand down to normal operational status due to conditions becoming stable.

Naturally further investigations into initial Intelligence reports of Romulans and sabotage continued