Yvelans aka Children of Janus

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Yvelan Male
Yvelan Female

Submitted by: LTCMDR Ulrich Bechir, CO, USS Shogun

Name: Yvelans, aka Children of Janus

Home Position: Yvela (Hidden Planet in Devore Space), 239.29 LY Rimward from Pinastri

Class: Bipedal Humanoid

Conditional Notes: Scientific and technological levels comparable to UFS.

Society Classification: Peaceful, until recently under control of a super computer known as Janus

Society Government System: Semi-Democratic hierarchy

Date of Contact: 091017

Other Notes: Peaceful society and trustworthy.

History and Other Information: This species created a super computer capable of hiding an entire planet in order to keep their race hidden from the Devore Imperium. The capabilities of the computer were very high and its imperative was to protect the Yvelans. As a result, the computer took control of the planetary justice system and eventually even system of the planet to protect Yvelans from potential threats on the planet itself. Any who were deemed a threat to Yvelan society or to Janus, the key protector of Yvelan society, were destroyed by the computer.

On 091017, Janus tricked the USS Shogun into arriving at Yvela with promises of helping Shogun to avoid the Devore. The crew arrived in good faith, as a small delegation headed by LTCMDR Ulrich Bechir beamed down to the planet. Soon after arriving he found that his communicator and his other technology was no longer functioning. Mimicking the voice, code and signals of Bechir, Janus gave orders for other members of the Shogun crew, deemed necessary to take up the roles of some of those it had killed, should beam down immediately. At this point members of the USS Shogun crew found themselves trapped with no technology available to them and Shogun was reportedly held by Janus under threat of destruction.

For a week the crew of USS Shogun was imprisoned, passing technology, bits of metal, whatever they could find to chief engineer, LTCMDR SVAndrei Baxton. With this he was able to put together a scanner and with the work of the entire crew a plan of action was created to shut down Janus.

Janus attempted to retaliate by going critical after the crew returned to USS Shogun. Through concerted effort Janus was shut down and infected with a nano-virus, effectively destroying the computer. The Yvelan Chancellor and her aide were transported to Shogun prior to this for medical treatment. LTCMDR Ulrich Bechir agreed to help the chancellor to retrieve some of her people who had been stored in a massive pattern buffer and to find a safer way to create a sensor cloak to remain safe from the Devore.

Recommendations: Now that the Yvelans are no longer under the control of Janus, diplomatic ties should be sought. The Yvelans are computer geniuses and have several types of technology that could be useful to the UFS. They are also honourable and possess empathy, valuable traits to UFS.